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Randy LaJoie brings safety to Accessible Racing

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Randy LaJoie brings safety to Accessible Racing

Mark Westrick
Accessible Racing
July 9, 2008

Accessible Racing 'First & Only' Arrive & Drive for persons with disabilities will collaborate with The Joie of Seating, Inc. ~ American Manufacturer of Custom Racing Seats...

Brian Hanaford of Accessible Racing was reviewing the safety measures in place for the racecar when it dawned on him what a great fit The Joie of Seating, Inc. would be with Accessible Racing. He addressed safety concerns regarding the seat, roll cage, and safety harnesses with the BEST possible solution. 'The Lajoie of Seating' is the Standard by which ALL other high performance seats are compared. Lightweight, Strong, Durable, Very Comfortable AND Super Safe!

"I contacted LaJoie and he told me to put on my salesman cap and sell him....so I did. I went to his competitors to find out what they wanted to do, sent Randy a press release and said this is the value your competitors put on what we do.... what do you want to do-Accessible Racing wants you on our board of directors, PERIOD!" stated Hanaford.

After hearing the Accessible Racing story LaJoie said, “This is a great program that gives disabled veterans and citizens the chance to drive a real racecar. I didn’t even need to think about it for a second I wanted to jump right on board and get involved.”

Accessible Racing names Randy Lajoie Director of Safety; The Joie of Seating is now the official seat, in a Spec Car, for persons with disabilities to compete in a Spec series being developed. "Everybody will swap product and give you something collecting dust on their shelf, but Lajoie doesn’t have anything collecting dust except maybe for a few hundred trophies and championships from both regional to national competition", said Accessible Racing co-founder Peter Ruprecht.

Lajoie doesn't just build seats for racecars. If you can drive it - on land, on sea, in the air....or on the moon, they can build a custom seat!

The Joie of Seating recently partnered with NASA to build several exotic "chariot backpacks" for earth testing of the Lunar Rover for the upcoming NASA "Return to the Moon" Mission.

Now what does that say to you about the innovative design, safety, comfort, custom fit, strength, quality and value of LaJoie products!

For more information on our program visit


Accessible Racing
37 Daniel Rd W
Fairfield, NJ 07004
(603) 412-7069

Mark Westrick
Public Relations
(814) 241-4755

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