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A Motor Car Lexicon.

A Motor Car Lexicon.

Tulsa Daily World
April 25, 1915 - Morning Edition

Shock Absorbers—Articles calculated to offset the profanity produced by blowouts, punctures, skidding, etc.

Transmission—Refers to the transferring of money from the car owner's pocket to that of the repair man.

Clutch—Should always be used in the plural. Refers to a prospect of getting into the clutches of the agent.

Garage—Synonym for beehive, i. e., a place where the auto owner gets stung and listens to honeyed words of wisdom (?)

Spark Plug—The chaperon when she sits in the tonneau.

Battery—Usually coupled with assault in case of traffic accident.

Cut-out—Refers to nonowners, since each feels that he is cut out to be an auto owner.

Center Control—Occurs whenever a road hog occupies the middle of the highway and refuses to allow his fellow autoists in the rear to pass.

Bearings—These are hard to keep when en tour, due to rural misinformation bureaus.

Spokes—Refer to spokeswoman of an auto party—usually a suffraget.

Traffic Cop—The nonmissing link between speed violation and sunrise court.

Puncture-proof—Refers to the garage man's heart.

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