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Pre-WWII Racing Topics:  Indianapolis 500


The New York Times
April 25, 1915

Forty Cars Expected to Compete in Annual Speedway Event.

With the closing of entries for the next Indianapolis 500-mile race on May 3 but little more than a week away at least thirty-five and possibly forty entries are in sight for the contest.

The next few days are expected to result in a rush for the tape unequaled in the history of the speedway. Among the latest to announce their intention to compete are Harry Grant, who is trying to persuade Wilhelm Ziegler to re-enter the racing game and nominate him at the wheel of his Sunbeam; "Mutt" Clarke, the Texas driver, who is preparing a car of his own at Ft. Worth, and H. E. McCord, a Southern pilot, who is grooming a Cino for the event. The field to date, cars and drivers, is as follows:

Signed Entries.—Maxwell, Carlson; Maxwell, Rickenbacher; Maxwell, ————; Stutz, Anderson; Stutz, Wilcox; Stutz, Cooper; Sunbeam, Chassagne; Sunbeam, Coatalen; Peugeot, Resta; Peugeot, Burman; Peugeot, Duray; Delage, J. De Palma; Mercedes, R. De Palma; Duesenberg, Alley; Duesenberg, O'Donnell; Du Chesneau, Brown; Cornelian, Chevrolet.

Expected Entries.—Mercer, Pullen; Mercer, Ruckstell; Mercer, ————; F. R. P., Hughes; F. R. P., Whalen; F. R. P., Keene; Bergdoll, Bergdoll; Bergdoll, ————; Bergdoll, ————; Bugatti, Oldfield; Mulford, Mulford; King, A. Klein; Sunbeam, Grant; Cornelian, C. Klein; Fort Worth, Clarke; Cino, McCord; Duesenberg, ————; Mercedes, Wagner.

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