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Our Distracted Driving Tweet-Up is Thursday

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American Government

Our Distracted Driving Tweet-Up is Thursday

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
April 28, 2015

On April 30 Join the #justdrive Tweet-up to Stop Distracted Driving

In 2013, 3,154 people lost their lives to distracted driving crashes. No text is worth a life, yet many decide to put themselves and others at risk every day doing just that – in fact, over 660,000 people are using a cell phone or manipulating an electronic device while driving at any given moment of the day. We’ll say it again: No text is worth a life.

That’s why we need your help. This Thursday, April 30, is our distracted driving Tweet-up, where we’ll be tweeting all day with the hash tag #justdrive on the dangers of distracted driving. We want to reach the people who think that texting and driving is okay, the ones who justify it by saying they’ve never crashed before.

Use these sample social media messages to drum up support and encourage followers to join:


#Distracteddriving kills, every day. Join @NHTSAgov this Thursday, April 30, 2015, to save lives. #justdrive
In 2013, 3,154 people died in #distracteddriving crashes. Help us and @NHTSAgov save lives on 4/30. #justdrive
Don’t text, #justdrive. @NHTSAgov is tweeting all day on 4/30 to stop #distracteddriving, and so are we.
At any given moment, 660,000 people are texting while driving. Think that’s scary? Help us & @NHTSAgov stop it on 4/30. #justdrive
From teens to adults, everyone needs to know: texting while driving kills. Join us & @NHTSAgov all day Thursday. #justdrive


This Thursday, April 30, we’re joining NHTSA on Twitter to bring awareness to how dangerous texting while driving is. Get involved and save a life. #justdrive http://www.twitter.com/NHTSAgov
3,154 people died in 2013 from #distracteddriving, and another 424,000 were injured. All because someone couldn’t put the phone down while driving. Help us and NHTSA stop distracted driving this Thursday, April 30. #justdrive http://www.twitter.com/NHTSAgov
No text is worth a life, yet at any given moment of the day, 660,000 people make the choice to text and drive at the same time. Join us and NHTSA on Twitter all day Thursday, April 30, to help stop #distracteddriving. #justdrive http://www.twitter.com/NHTSAgov
We’re tweeting all day on Thursday, April 30, to join NHTSA in raising awareness on the dangers of #distracteddriving. Join us with hash tag #justdrive and help save a life! http://www.twitter.com/NHTSAgov

Please join us and invite your followers to join us for an all-day social media blitz using the hash tag #justdrive. Share this message with friends, family, or fellow bloggers.

From texting to makeup, using the GPS to eating, there’s no distraction that’s worth a life. Help us get the message out this Thursday: don’t text, #justdrive.

Get more facts and outreach messaging at distraction.gov.

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