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ECOBREX® And HARDEX® Will Be Exhibiting In Panama This Week

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ECOBREX® And HARDEX® Will Be Exhibiting In Panama This Week

Latin Auto Parts Expo
June 16, 2015

Ecobrex Hardrex
ECOBREX® Parts Canada and HARDEX® Brakes Corp., global leaders in automotive aftermarket parts with an impressive distribution network in over 50 countries worldwide, will be exhibiting at the prestigious Latin Auto Parts Expo in Panama City between June 18th - 20th, at Booth# C365.

The decision to attend the show is a testament to the importance of the Americas region for the two companies. Both Hardex® and Ecobrex® are privately owned Canadian companies, allowing for greater flexibility and unparalleled innovation when it comes to customer satisfaction. Through industry defining products such as the Hardex® Energy Brake Pads and Ecobrex® Black Line Series, the two companies offer complete solutions to the demands of different driving habits.

Combined with the state of the art brake parts offered by Hardex®, Ecobrex®’ impressive portfolio of products ranging from lubricants and fluids to chassis parts and engine components is to become a major force in the Americas, raising the bar for customer satisfaction.

Ecobrex® Parts Canada is a Canada-based affiliate of Hardex®, and offers an impressive portfolio of products that are distributed globally. The products supplied by Ecobrex® include brake parts, bearings, air conditioning components, chassis, steering and suspension parts, cooling systems, filters, engine parts, gaskets and seals, ignition parts, transmission parts and lubricants. The same rigorous quality testing seen in Hardex® products are visible in Ecobrex® branded products as well, ensuring lasting customer satisfaction. More information can be found on http://www.ecobrex.com

Hardex® Brakes Corp. is a Vancouver-based manufacturer and supplier of premium aftermarket brake parts. Hardex® has its products manufactured in various production facilities across North America & Asia. With over 50 authorized dealers worldwide, Hardex® is a global leader in braking technology and manufacturing. Hardex® defines the brake parts market with the innovation and the cutting edge technology it incorporates into the designing and engineering stages of every product it offers. More information can be found on http://www.hardex.ca

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