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Consumer Reports - 2015 Toyota Tacoma ride like being stung by wasps

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Consumer Reports - 2015 Toyota Tacoma ride like being stung by wasps

John Goreham, TorqueNews
July 8, 2015 (11:36)

Consumer Reports takes a stab at truck reporting and disses the Tacoma while calling the Chevy Colorado “elite.”

C7 Corvette Z06
In a recent evaluation of the 2015 Chevy Colorado, Consumer Reports said that before the new GM mid-size truck twins were born, “small-truck buyers were left to choose between the aged Nissan Frontier and the rough-and-tumble ride of the Toyota Tacoma—akin to choosing between poison ivy and wasps on a 10-mile hike.” This is an interesting take on the ride quality of the Tacoma. In our reporting on the Tacoma, we have not heard a lot of complaints about the truck’s ride.

Torque News has nothing but respect for Consumer Reports when it sticks to reporting consumer preferences revealed by its excellent surveys. The organization also does the best job in the industry of collecting quality data and reporting it in an unbiased way. However, when the group’s writers stray from that mission to offer test and evaluation reports, we are often left scratching our heads. We were flummoxed once when the group tested the Lexus IS250 on a track and then complained it wasn’t sporty enough. If one was to track an IS, wouldn’t the IS 350 F-Sport or the mighty ISF be the better evaluation vehicle?

Back to our point, we’d like to know if Tacoma owners have been suffering as if stung by wasps on a ten-mile hike while driving their Tacomas. It seems odd to us that Consumer Reports remembers the Tacoma as having a terrible ride rather than having the single highest resale value of any vehicle in the Americas. Or taking time to note that the Tacoma is outselling the “elite” Chevy Colorado by a factor of 2.5 to 1. What say you Tacoma owners? If you take the time to comment, please let us know which type Tacoma you own (TRD Pro, Baja, 4X4, RWD etc.)

Source: http://www.torquenews.com/1083/consumer-reports-2015-toyota-tacoma-ride-being-stung-wasps

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