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MG6 BTCC Edition

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MG6 BTCC Edition

Matt Hubbard
December 11, 2012

MG have released a BTCC Edition of their MG6 to celebrate Jason Plato's third place in their 'debut' year of the BTCC

MG6 BTCC Edition MG6 BTCC Edition
You wait for a special edition car based on a touring car series and two coming along at once. First we had the BMW M3 DTM Championship Edition, now MG have released the MG6 BTCC Edition.

The MG6 BTCC Edition is basically a standard MG6 with lots of extras thrown at it, plus a snazzy paint job. Features include a matt black roof and 18 inch alloy wheels with black gloss sills, wing mirrors, rear bumper and rear spoiler.

It comes in a choice of two paint schemes - Arctic White or Union Blue. The front grille sports a BTCC badge and MG KX Momentum Racing team colours on the bonnet, front doors and wings.

Power is from the 1.8 litre turbo engine which produces 158bhp. 0-60mph takes 8.4 seconds and the top speed is limited to 120mph (not much good for an autobahn blast then).

Standard equipment includes full European satnav, sports front seats, hill control (presumably using the handbrake and pedals is old fashioned), a tyre monitoring system, rear parking sensors, cruise control, CD/USB audio, a leather steering wheel and a Jason Plato Sandwich in the glovebox*.

The price of the MG6 BTCC Edition is a not unreasonable £16,995.

Speedmonkey maths:

1 BMW M3 DTM Championship Edition = 4.7 MG6 BTCC Editions

*Not really, but we couldn't help it

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