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The Chattanooga News
September 29, 1919 Night Final


Sweaters of Wool Appear in New Colors—Striped Effects Popular.

For autumn touring, which lasts from late September all through October and sometimes well into November, women must have suitable clothing.

Garments that will stand hard usage, that will be in every way comfortable and also absolutely adapted to motoring requirements. The first requirement is, of course, that the garments be practical. Some women regard the pose of utter indifference to appearance as admirably sportsmanlike, but it is as absurd as it is unnecessary.

No matter where the trip is to be made there is no excuse for a motorist to look her worst, and it should be her aim to look as well as possible, which is very well indeed with the many smart and attractive garments entirely appropriate for wear in the motor.

All the new motor coats follow full and loose lines. The sides of some models are draped in to give additional body fullness, and others show wide armholes with sleeves tapering towards the wrists. There is a very strong demand for the new and smart coats of leather and no motorist of modish pretensions is without one. They come in thirty-six inch length, with kit pocket and all around belt, and in tan color.

Every woman who enjoys motoring, whether as an active participant or an occasional passenger, must own a sweater. The sweaters of silk are shown in several new designs, but the wool sweaters are far more practical for the motor woman at this time of the year. The sweaters of wool appear in new colors, new designs and new cuts. The brushed-wool model is one of the prettiest and most practical. A bright green trimmed with Angora collar and cuffs is very smart and with this may be worn one of the new motor hats of green wool trimmed with a band of moire ribbon. Striped effects in sweaters remain popular on account of their smartness. The new sweaters are encroaching more and more on the blouse model. Fringe is a new note on smart sweaters, and finishes the bottom of the garment, borders the sleeves and neck, and is either of silk or wool to match the sweater.

There are more motor hats made of oilskin and oilcloth for the touring woman.

They are queer, shiny chapeaux, although rather attractive. One smart hat of this material comes with a puffed oilcloth crown attached to a mushroom brim of duvetyn. Another having the oilcloth crown has a brim of raffia which is said to shed water like the proverbial duck's back, and across the front is a wide Alsatian bow of folded oilcloth in a color to match the crown. Many of the newest motor models are bowl-shaped and are by far the best models for motoring shown in several seasons.

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