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The Grape Belt and Chautauqua Farmer
January 15, 1935

Police Claim Dunkirk Youth Also Is Guilty of Burglary in Fredonia.

With the arrest of Thomas Brown, 19, of 328 Main street, whose parole from Elmira reformatory expired Jan. 6, police claim they have cleared up the recent burglary at the residence of Jerry Vinciguerra, 47 Lakeview avenue, Fredonia, and the theft of a light coach which was stolen in Buffalo Tuesday night and abandoned here Thursday.

At the time the stolen coach was found by Patrolman Contner, it contained among other articles a .32 calibre automatic rifle which was part of the loot in the Fredonia burglary.

A watch, which also was stolen at the Vinciguerra home, was found by police at the Main street home of the youth now in custody on an open charge.

While the prisoner refuses to acknowledge his guilt, authorities claim they have positive proof connecting him with the theft of the coach, which is owned by Donald Metcalfe of Buffalo.

The youth, who served time in Elmira after conviction on charges of burglarizing several Dunkirk buildings, left this city for Buffalo Monday, Jan. 7. Police believe he attempted to pawn some of the loot of the Fredonia burglary.

The next night when he was ready to return home, he allegedly stole the coach which he abandoned in Ruggles street when he saw the scout car.

Authorities in Buffalo were notified of the young man's arrest here but Chief Warren said today he did not know whether he will ...{scan fail}... the prisoner over to that city or prosecute him here in Dunkirk.

The chief and Patrolmen Contner and Clifford, who have worked the case, were still checking several angles today.

The youth's parole from Elmira expired only two days before police claim he stole the coach.

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