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U.S. Transportation Secretary Slater Announces Contracts Under the Advanced Vehicle Program

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U.S. Transportation Secretary Slater Announces Contracts Under the Advanced Vehicle Program

USDOT Research & Special Projects Administration
June 21, 2000

Wednesday, June 21, 2000
Contact: Patricia Klinger
Telephone: 202-366-4831
RSPA 16-00

BOSTON — U.S. Transportation Secretary Rodney E. Slater today announced contracts valued at $571,300 under the Advanced Vehicle Technologies Program (AVP), a public-private partnership intended to create cleaner, quieter, and more fuel-efficient vehicles. Under the AVP, federal funds are matched by private sector investment.

"These contracts will lead to vehicles in the new millennium that are more friendly to the environment and that will help create new industries, strengthening our economy and increasing our exports," Secretary Slater said. "The projects support President Clinton and Vice President Gore’s comprehensive livability agenda which will help ensure a high quality of life and strong, sustainable economic growth."

Secretary Slater made the announcement during a stop in Boston on his June 19-24 coast-to-coast intermodal tour during which he will work toward achieving President Clinton and Vice President Gore's vision for improving the safety, efficiency and performance of America's 21st century transportation system.

The two projects announced today will be coordinated under contract with the Northeast Advanced Vehicle Consortium (NAVC). Based in Boston, NAVC represents the eight northeast states and is one of seven quasi-regional consortia that successfully competed for funding under the AVP. The NAVC projects are:

Heavy-Duty Hybrid Drivetrain for Off-Road Vehicles, $309,300 – This project will select and complete the preliminary design of a high-efficiency electric series or parallel hybrid drivetrain most suitable for heavy off-road vehicles, such as those used in highway construction. Two concepts will be evaluated on a large wheel type of loader of 400 to 800 horsepower. The hybrid electric system will provide enhanced performance and improved fuel efficiency, along with reduced emissions.

Micro-turbine APU Integration for Hybrid Electric CitiVan, $262,000 – An auxiliary power unit (APU) will be developed and integrated into a medium duty vehicle. The APU will extend the vehicle range from the current 40 miles all-electric range to 140 miles, eliminate the need for a separate heater unit, and serve as a battery charger and emergency power unit when needed. Once integrated, the vehicle will be tested and compared to pure electric and pure diesel vehicles. This project will help meet the need created by the explosion in E-commerce for clean, quiet and fuel efficient delivery vans. The vehicle will be tested in service with the U.S. Postal Service fleet in Boston.

The goal of the AVP is to improve energy efficiency and U.S. competitiveness while reducing emissions and transportation dependence on petroleum. The AVP, managed by the U.S. Department of Transportation with other federal agencies, private companies, research institutions and state and local governments, is authorized under the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st century. The program is designed to complement the activities of the Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles (PNGV) and other vehicle-related programs by addressing needs not being met in current federal initiatives.

Secretary Slater’s intermodal tour, which began with him joining First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton at the Merchant Marine Academy commencement at Kings Point, N.Y., includes stops in Washington, D.C.; Wilmington, Del.; Philadelphia; Boston; Chicago; and Sacramento, San Diego, North Hollywood, Oakland, San Francisco and Berkeley, Calif.


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