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Pirelli World Challenge Launches All-New 2016 Website; New Look and Design Also Includes Special Team/Racer Portal

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Pirelli World Challenge Launches All-New 2016 Website; New Look and Design Also Includes Special Team/Racer Portal

Tom Blattler
Pirelli World Challenge
2 February 2016

For Immediate Release

“Easy to Read” Layout features New Series/Team News, Streaming/Audio and Schedule Updates

AUSTIN, Texas (Feb. 2, 2016) – The Pirelli World Challenge unveiled a new official website (www.world-challenge.com) today with a modern and responsive design as the 2016 series season opener approaches on March 3-6 at the Circuit of the Americas.

The new “easy to read” design optimizes use for both desktop and mobile viewing and the front-end (main/public) site emphasizes a Visual/AV media display that modern race fans want to see. The competitor-centric http://race.world-challenge.com microsite is also optimized for speed and mobile-viewing.

In addition, the PWC website also includes close-ups of the teams, competitors, drivers and sponsors and the site will continually grow its archival history so fans can view past events. The 2016 driver and team profiles are being updated on a daily basis as additional announcement are made.

The new PWC website will include a downloadable Fan Guide and Media Guide as well as photography from each event. The Fan Guide will be available leading into the Long Beach event.

“We are excited about the new look of the Pirelli World Challenge website (www.world-challenge.com) today,” said Greg Gill, President and CEO of WC Vision, producers of the Pirelli World Challenge. “The view is very clean and easy to navigate for the racing fans and our special Team/Racer Portal gives updated information to the competitors on a daily basis. We think this is something special for the people inside our series.”

The attached "micro-site" at http://race.world-challenge.com targets competitors (drivers, teams, and other participants) with fast and easy access to technical, logistical and other important season and per-race data. This portion of the PWC site will provide a one-stop point of access for the competitors during their busy in-season endeavors.

Both sites are search-engine-friendly and search-engine-optimized, which is particularly important for the smaller teams and less-well-funded drivers to leverage in their individual marketing and promotional efforts.

Back content continues to grow on a weekly basis with the new PWC website as the video and statistical archives develop to record the famed 26-year history of the North American road racing series.

“We hope the racing fans enjoy the new version of the PWC site and provide any additional ideas that would increase viewing, said Gill. “As we move into the 27th season of the series, we believe the competition will be the best ever and we hope more fans will navigate the various portions of the website as well as witnessing the action in person in 2016.:

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Contact: Tom Blattler, Pirelli World Challenge, 317-525-5692
Dave Drimmie, Pirelli World Challenge, (416) 835-6601

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