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Have An Auto Emergency Kit And a Few Tools In Your Possession

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Have An Auto Emergency Kit And a Few Tools In Your Possession

Eric Holm
August 28, 2009

Eric Holm

Just think?you're driving on the highway and all of a sudden you hear a noise. The next thing you know, your tire goes flat. That's not a good situation to be in. However, you can make that situation a little more pleasant by having materials and tools on hand that you can use to replace the flat.

The first thing you need is a spare tire. The spare may be a little smaller than the original tires on the vehicle, but it will suffice for the time being. If you don't have a spare, you are in trouble temporarily. That means you will have to go a buy a spare tire from somewhere. If you are in no-man's land in a rural area, there's no telling how far you will have to go.

However, if you do have a spare, then you must use it. In addition to that, you will need a nut driver to remove the nuts from the flat tire. You will also need a light so that you can see, provided it's already dark outside. When it's dark, you don't have much, if any light to deal with.

If it's the battery, it's a good idea to have a pair of booster cables. You can't always assume or depend on another person having cables if they stop to assist you. Once the vehicles are set up where you can get a boost, then the vehicle should charge up again.

However, if it's not the battery, it may be the spark plugs. In that case, have a spark plug tester available to see if they are operating properly.

Actually, anything could be wrong with your vehicle. It doesn't have to be either of the above. However, it's a good idea to have as many different tools and accessories as possible. So when you find out what the problem is, you will be able to make a connection. If it's not severe, you can fix it right where you are.

Having a highway emergency kit is vital to have, no matter whether you are driving your vehicle or a rental vehicle. It's important to also have accessories such as screwdrivers, a tire repair kit, wrenches and definitely a first aid kit.

Having these accessories available should be a no-brainer for anyone that drives on a regular basis, especially if they are going long distances. Having a auto emergency kit can keep a minor situation from becoming a catastrophe.

Eric Holm, Publisher, Manager, and Owner of http://www.EmergencyAndDisasterSupplies.com We can help you with your auto emergency kits and all of your emergency supplies. Use our free information, resources, printable forms, and blog ideas.

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