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Former Dedham People Injured

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Former Dedham People Injured

The Carroll Herald
29 August 1928

Car Goes Off Bridge and Lands in Creek. Mr. and Mrs. Newell Hurt. She Was a Carroll Girl.

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Newell, former residents of Dedham, now living at Colony, Wyoming, were badly injured in an automobile accident recently.

They were driving with some friends to attend the Days of 76 celebration at Deadwood when the accident occurred near a bridge on the highway between Spearfish and Deadwood. The Newell Ford was proceeding at a leisurely pace when a Chrysler sedan, driven by Willis Hamilton, attempted to go past. When abreast of the Newell car, a large truck emerged from the dust near the middle of the road, and in trying to dodge the truck Hamilton cut in too close, and struck the front wheel of the Newell car, throwing it into the steel bridge railing, which penetrated the radiator, engine and gas tank and brought up in the fly wheel, scattering the magnets all over the landscape. Still impaled upon the railing, the car careened over and landed on the creek bottom some ten feet below hurling all four people onto the cobblestones.

Hamilton stopped his car and went to their rescue, assisted by the young lady with him, who is a student nurse and was able to render first aid. Mrs. Newell had two ribs fractured, a wrenched neck, and numerous cuts and bruises. Mr. Newell was driving and was cut about the face and had several teeth loosened. The others were also injured. They are all recovering nicely from the accident.

Mrs. Newell was formerly Miss Lena Werner of Carroll, a niece of Mrs. Joe Warner of Clark street. After her marriage she moved to Dedham where her husband maintained a dry goods store. Mr. Newell is now justice of the peace at Colony, Wyoming.

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