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Auto Glass Care-What Not To Do

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Auto Glass Care-What Not To Do

Fred Nichols
21 July 2015

There are several types of glass, and auto glass is just one of them. Usually, glass is very fragile and breaks easily. When it comes to auto glass, modifications have been made to ensure that it does not break as easily as other types of glass. However, this does not mean that you can subject auto glass to duress without worrying about breakages. Far from it. If you own a car, you already know how expensive it can be to deal with auto glass repair. And if you don't, consider yourself very lucky not to have encountered this problem yet.

As far as auto glass goes, there are certain measures that you can take to ensure that you minimize the need for repairs and consequently, minimize your expenses as well. Here's what not to do when dealing with auto glass:

Ignore small problems

Auto glass problems usually present themselves as small, only to escalate a little while later. That almost microscopic chip on your car's window will be a huge crack before you know it. The tiny-looking crack on your windshield is gathering momentum before it can turn into a crevice running across your windshield. Address auto glass issues the minute you detect them. Not only will you be minimizing the need for expensive repairs, but you will also be saving your life. Remember driving around in broken auto glass is dangerous.

Clean your auto glass with the wrong materials

Scrubbing away at your car windows and windshield is doing more harm than good. If you must clean your auto glass yourself, use soft materials that do not cause abrasion. Soapy water and paper towels or a soft face flannel will do. Do not use ammonia to clean your auto glass. The chemicals in it will cause damage to your windows.

Attempt to fix everything yourself

However much of a DIY enthusiast you are, you will not be able to fix all your car's problems. Where auto glass is concerned, a lot of care must be taken since you are dealing with delicate parts. If you detect a problem that you believe you can fix, it will do you no harm to consult with a professional first. Sometimes it might seem like a minimal task, only for you to realize later that the task requires more expertise than you had believed.

Choose the wrong auto repair shop

Do not choose an auto repair shop based on the costs only. The saying that cheap is expensive is true, and you should never forget that, especially where your car is concerned. Always ensure that the auto repair shop you choose only employs certified and licensed professionals. Make sure you get all the charges upfront. Pay attention to how the staff and customers relate. Read online reviews of the auto repair shop. Do your homework thoroughly before settling for a particular auto repair shop.

There you have it. If you have been wondering how to take care of your auto glass, this is just a simple list of some of the things you should not do.

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