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Eat More Beans, May Be The Only Gas We Can Afford!

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Eat More Beans, May Be The Only Gas We Can Afford!

Quintin Miller
9 February 2009

Stop right there, the only love I have for raising oil prices is that I love to hate it! We all have a love hate relationship when it comes to our use of gasoline. If you live in a nation where vehicle travel is common, we complain about the raising prices but we continue to buy. Don't you love being pushed into a corner? Oh......you don't like that either, can't say that I blame you. Isn't this the reason many are looking to make money online? Prices for almost everything have gone up sharply. More than ever, a successful small business appeals to many.

Our dependency on oil is complete

Our need for crude oil is a major factor in the lives of everyone. It has a direct bearing on almost every segment of our society. Whether you work from home, or any other business opportunity, we all are affected. It's used either directly or indirectly in every product or service. Crude oil can shape the raise and fall of the stock market and the financial well being of any nation that uses it. Don't you just love being locked in like that?

Our economy would shut down without oil

Every airplane, bus, train, automobile and manufacturing plant in the world would shut down with crude oil. You don't own a vehicle you say? Just look around! Indirectly it affects everything around us. Like it or not no product affects the world as much as crude oil. Don't you just love it?

How some believe how the price of oil is set

Now I'm here to say right now, I am not a believer in all this conspiracy nonsense. But it seems funny that the price of oil stays high in times of political unrest. Where there is more demand the price goes up. But when the demand goes down the price goes down as well. Don't you just love a predictable rise in oil prices?

Demand for oil increases world wide

China, Japan, India and other developing nations are consuming natural resources at a break neck pace. All this growth requires a higher need for crude oil. The old saying is still true in business, supply and demand. If you have a product, whole nations can not do without sounds like a great financial winner to me. Don't you just love the free market economy?

Suppress inventions and gas saving technologies

Believe it or not many have designed devices that have greatly improved the use of gasoline in our automobile engines. Internet marketing of such work at home business opportunities are flooding email accounts all over. You say you haven't heard of any? Come on, let's be realistic. If you were the oil companies, would you want a home based business's that promote products that would cut oil profits by 50 or 60%? We are talking about billions of dollars. You and I would love to see such, but the oil companies do not. Search Google and see if you don't find information about suppressed automotive inventions.

Many believe that wars are still fought for the protection of the oil supply

I don't want to offend those who have given their lives in the pursuit of world peace. Many soldiers have died for what seems to be a cause that benefits a select few. Yes we all need crude oil to support our economies. But this is just the price that many consider just too high to pay. I understand that business is designed to make a profit but at what cost? Could you help our economy and start a home based business that helps free us from the grip of the oil companies?

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