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Comparing Trade-In Prices for Your Used Car

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Comparing Trade-In Prices for Your Used Car

Rickey Pearce
September 21, 2009

Rickey Pearce

Copyright (c) 2009 Rickey Pearce

Are you looking to trade-in your automobile? Do you know the value? If you have already started your search, you have probably been surprised at the range of offers you have received from the dealers. One will offer much more than you thought while the next dealer will offer you less. Whatever the number is that you hear, be aware that car dealerships have a very good idea what your car is worth. The actual value they place on your vehicle will never be very far from that number.

The Art of the Trade-In

Many car dealership sales managers are very experienced in offering what appears to be a very high trade-in value for the customer's used car. On the other hand, a particularly high trade-in value will usually go hand in hand with a high selling price for the vehicle you want to purchase. Therefore, the actual amount that is being showed to you as a trade-in is a paper figure only and can generally be discounted.

If you did get a particularly high trade-in value for your used vehicle, the trick will be in getting the dealership to lower their price on the new vehicle. If the dealership offers you a price that you know is much higher than your car is probably worth, rest assured you making up for the difference in the purchase of your next vehicle.

Sometimes Lower Is Better

On the other hand, if you negotiate the price of the vehicle that you are buying first, you will almost always be offered a lower value for your trade-in. At times like this, you will probably be offered a value that is very close to what the dealer can actually quickly sell the vehicle for.

Therefore, when comparing trade-in values you should take particularly high trade-in values with a grain of salt and know that the dealer is not actually offering you more than the vehicle is worth. One thing you could hear is that they are offering to buy your vehicle at a higher price to procure your business for the next automobile. Be aware that he is simply raising the price on your trade-in to get you to purchase a vehicle that is priced too high in the first place.

The lesson to be learned is to make sure you are informed. Know that you are not going to walk away with an un-earned fortune but there are great deals to be had. Being knowledgeable will help you not only in your negotiations but also being able to leave knowing you got the best for your dollar.

Rickey Pearce is an Insurance Agent and part time author who enjoys car shows in his spare time. He will often check out vehicles at http://www.carsdirect.com to see the listings on his favorite cars and trucks. Carsdirect.com holds the widest selection of new & used cars (http://www.carsdirect.com/used_cars/search ) on the internet today. Use one of the most trusted names in the industry for your next new or used vehicle purchase!

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