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Run Your Car On Water - Why The Good Kits Work & Bad Don't

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Run Your Car On Water - Why The Good Kits Work & Bad Don't

Angelo Parrino
31 March 2009

Run your car on water systems (including do-it-yourself water hybrid guides, hydrogen car kits and various hho systems) have been popping up faster than ever lately.

After the last gas hike, hundreds of websites across the net have started offering their own version of the ultimate run your car on water hybrid conversion system, all of which are supposed to make it easy for you to convert your car to run on water as a supplement to gas to increase mileage.

But can you really trust these companies? You read their glowing testimonials and they all guarantee you that their hho systems work, yet you also read comments elsewhere online, like "all hho kits are scams and they don't work". So what gives?

The answer to this question is: Most run your car on water systems do work to produce hho fuel from water but not all of these hydrogen fuel kits are complete and by this I mean they don't address the following important (but often hidden) issues:

1: The O2 Sensors Issue

When you install one of these hho gas saving devices into your vehicle you are essentially burning a fuel called hho (hydrogen + oxygen) in addition to gasoline. Most newer cars have O2 sensors in them that will detect the extra oxygen in the fuel stream and increase the amount of gas being burned. Good hydrogen car kits solve this problem for you. The ones that don't are technically working to produce hho fuel from water but unfortunately not saving you any gas.

2: The Bubbler / Flashback Arrestor Requirement

HHO kits made of hydrogen fuel cells are completely safe when they are constructed right. This means the mandatory inclusion of a simple but necessary safety feature called a bubbler or flashback arrestor. A bubbler filters the hho gas, stops toxic material from entering your engine and protects against any backfires. Run your car on water kits that produce hho fuel from water and don't include a proper bubbler are putting their customers at risk of injury or damage to themselves and their cars, due to the unit exploding. Kind of important, don't you think?

3: The Use Of Baking Soda As An Electrolyte

Most "run car on water" type hydrogen fuel kits tell you to mix baking soda into the water you use in your hydrogen generator to make the water more conductive. Although baking soda does work, it is not the best option because it is a consumable substance not a catalyst. In other words, it gets used up and you have to keep re-adding it at the right ratio which can be difficult and down right labourous at times. More importantly, using baking soda produces carbon monoxide which is odorless and can be deadly. Good hho hydrogen car kits provide you with a variety of other electrolyte solutions that are completely safe because they don't produce a dangerous gas as a byproduct of use.

4: Missing Vital Information About The Proper Preparation Of The Stainless Steel Plates Used To Build The HHO Unit

A typical dual fuel hho generator uses a series of stainless steel plates in the hydrogen electrolyzer to produce hho. It puzzles me greatly when the creators of some of these "how to run your car on water" manuals don't inform you that these plates work a lot better if you rub them down with 36 grit sandpaper first. Also, you must wear rubber gloves when touching the plates to prevent the slow down of hho production due to greasy fingers. Additionally it helps to soak the plates in denatured alcohol just in case they do get contaminated. This is all stuff somebody building a hydrogen fuel cell needs to know to achieve optimal performance and unfortunately many browns gas conversion kits just don't mention it. The good ones do.

Are you starting to see why so many hho kits don't really work right (because they are incomplete) and how critically important it is to pick the right hybrid conversion kit when converting your car to run on water.

Good and even great hydrogen conversion kits do exist, but you would never know which is which by looking at their sales pages or their prices. If you want to run your car on water and get it right the first time make sure you get informed before hand because it's actually pretty easy to do when you know how to avoid the pitfalls and pick the right system.

Angelo Parrino is a green energy enthusiast who has been researching and making practical alternative fuel systems available to everyday people for real use in real life scenarios since 2001. Find out which hybrid conversion systems work, which don't and why at: http://www.runyourcaronwater.com

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