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Car Shipping: Two Easy Ways To Transport Your Classic Car

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Car Shipping: Two Easy Ways To Transport Your Classic Car

Jennifer Strong
11 April 2009

A classic or restored vehicle is usually a big investment and a point of pride for many people. It is a hobby to restore older cars to their former glory, and lots of money is put into these projects each year. When selling, buying, or simply moving one of these vehicles, special care must be given so that no damage occurs. To this end, car shipping has become a great solution to this need, no matter why a vehicle needs to be sent to a different location.

What is Car Shipping?

Car shipping is a service that is provided to consumers where a vehicle is transported to a new location by another vehicle. Usually, the car being shipped is loaded on to a large truck, and then driven to its destination. There are a couple of different methods for doing this, and both are simple to understand and obtain. You can find a variety of companies out there, including Florida car shipping companies in Florida, Texas car shipping companies in Texas, and many other companies in other various states. The company and service type that you choose depends on the needs that you have.

Closed Shipping

One of these simple methods of transporting vehicles is called closed car transport. For those who are building, or have built, classic cars, this is the method of transport that provides the highest level of protection. Close transport methods offer totally enclosed spaces for your vehicle to travel in, thus protecting it from both the elements as well as any roadside debris that might end up hitting a vehicle in transit. The costs associated with this method of transport are generally higher than the open methods we will discuss next.

Open Shipping

Open vehicle transport is the most common and the cheapest method of shipping a vehicle. You can find these types of transports on the road in nearly every city in the country, as this is how dealerships obtain their vehicles. These large car carriers can haul five or more vehicles at a time, making it the most economical method of transporting a vehicle. At the same time, you must be aware that the vehicles will not be protected from any elements or roadside debris. Thus, unless you have enough insurance coverage to protect your big investment, this is not the best way to ship a classic vehicle.

No matter which method you choose, there are multiple companies out there just waiting for your business. It is simple to get free quotes from these companies, as all you must do is call them. In the end, you should always make sure to have coverage that could handle a total loss of your vehicle, because accidents do happen, no matter how rare it may be.

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