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Exercise and the Pedal Ride Car - Really?

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Exercise and the Pedal Ride Car - Really?

Christopher Cooney
September 30, 2009

Christopher Cooney

It is no secret that you cannot expect to stay fit and trim if you are eating candy on the couch and watching soap operas all day. And as we get older keeping that weight off becomes more of a challenge to the point that looking at a candy bar almost seems to cause weight gain.

Isn't it funny how as a child you lived on candy bars and soda and other sugar products and never seemed to gain an ounce of fat? It was all muscle that made its way onto your bones; that is because your metabolism was more active. You spent the day running and jumping and playing on your pedal car and the only speeds you knew were fast and faster until you literally dropped into bed at the end of the day after your mother forced you to take a bath.

I don't think there is really an issue with anyone thinking that there is a link between a pedal ride on toy and the child getting exercise but let's take a look at how that exercise happens.

The first thing is that the child gets in the pedal toy and begins to pedal so they are working out the leg muscles as they get going and then a different set of leg muscles as they hit the brakes and learn to stop.

They are getting a fairly intense upper body workout as well as they learn to steer as they vigorously maneuver the pedal car to and fro and in and around obstacles that are in the way. If you are setting this up correctly, your child is pedaling the pedal ride on car over grass and other rough terrain which will increase the level of beneficial exercise that he or she is getting.

Wow, all of that from just a little ride in some pedal car toys?

Yes, that and more. The child is also getting a fairly intense cardio-vascular workout as well. Think I am lying? When was the last time that you rode your bicycle and moved your legs as fast as your child is moving their legs when they are in the pedal car toy? Try pedaling your bike at that clip for a while and check your heart rate. My guess is that you will come fairly close to your maximum heart rate for exercise.

All of this has the effect of giving your child more stamina, better breathing, stronger more toned muscles and helps them ward off the onslaught of the couch potato look that comes from sitting with a bag of chips playing video games.

Your child will be more physically fit and more mentally in tune with his or her surroundings and will just be a happier little person due to the exercise they get from a pedal car ride on toy and as an added benefit for mom and dad, they will be tired and ready for bed when the mouse clock says it's that time.

---------------------------------------------------- With the advent of the Internet you can check out everything about ride on cars easily. Your pride and joy as a child was your ride on car, as an adult you can recapture that feeling with help from the folks at PedalRideonCar.com . They saw a need and jumped to fulfill it and now the ride on car has a home on the web. If looking to buy a pedal ride on car can go check it out and buy one right there on line.
--->>> http://www.pedalrideoncar.com

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