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Is Buying Direct Auto Insurance Online the Best Option For You?

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Is Buying Direct Auto Insurance Online the Best Option For You?

Christopher Cooney
September 24, 2009

Christopher Cooney

When people see the words direct auto insurance, they don't always know what exactly that means. Put in basic terms, direct auto insurance is when an insurance company will sell their insurance policy to you, the consumer, without having an insurance agent there to try pre-selling a policy you may not need. If you have the internet, then you have the option to get your direct auto insurance online instead of going in to see the insurance agent. Before you start thinking that is the only way to get insurance from any provider, though, understand that there are still many insurance companies that want you to get your direct auto insurance through an independent agent, or with a specific promotion. In order to keep independent agents in business, insurance companies must continue to offer in person and not online.

So, is direct auto insurance really the best option for you as a consumer? Well, that really just depends on what you need. For many people, the automatic reason to decide on getting insurance from the internet is due to its convenience. It is faster, easier, and provides you with many quick ways of getting the information you need at an affordable price. Many are unable to really spend all the time to go around town and find the independent insurance agents to get direct auto insurance quotes. So, thankfully, getting direct auto insurance online is convenient and quick because it is truly right at your fingertips.

For a good deal of people, though, buying solely online is difficult, as many are not comfortable with using their credit cards. After all, the internet is not the most secure place at times, with bank account numbers and credit card numbers being used quite a bit, and sometimes, that can be unnerving. So, if you would like a little more security when you make your purchases of any kind, then you would probably be better suited to going in person to an insurance agent to decide on the policy right for you.

Depending on the different companies you can work with, direct auto insurance costs will always vary from individual as well. If you are looking for a good value, you can sometimes find the better rates by looking online rather than going to the insurance agent, but sometimes, it can go the exact opposite. In some cases, this is due to an exclusive rate being given only to those agencies.

If you know what it is you need and you have made online purchases before and you aren't worried about it, then you should certainly look to buying direct auto insurance online. If you would prefer to have an extra explanation of your insurance, though, you are probably better off seeing an actual agent in person. Whatever your decision may be, just make sure that you choose the option that feels right to you, and that will feel most comfortable.

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