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How To Sell Your Used Car Online

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How To Sell Your Used Car Online

Vela Paan
14 May 2009

In the old days selling stuff like used cars was a task that asked for great efforts and too much time. First of all, you had to get hold of a good newspaper like Loot or Freeads and then pay the amount to print a car selling advertisement. And by the time the ad got printed, at least a week had gone by.

But with the emergence of internet, a lot has changed and luckily, the change has been for the good. If you too want to utilize internet to get a good price for your used car, then here are a few useful tips for you to remember.

Fixing the Right Price:

In order to gain success through your online ad, the most important decision you will have to take is to consider what would be the most appropriate price for your old car. It must not be too high, while it must be good enough to earn you good value for your used car. In order to get an idea about the general prices being asked by other sellers.

Description of Your car:

While choosing words to describe the essential features of your car, it is best to start with the basic information like model, engine size, year etc.

Give Out Complete Information:

It is also important that you should not miss any essential information related to your car; data like model and manufacturer, date of registration, color of car, total mileage, MOT status and latest road tax must be mentioned in the ad. Most importantly ? be honest.

Get The Best Possible Picture of Your Car:

Apart from the information, a picture of your car will also play a role in pulling buyers. While advertising your car on a site like Ebay, a good photo of your car will ensure that the buyer has a second look.

Be Aware of some demerits of ad sites:

At present, Autotrader is among the most popular site for publishing car ads. It usually costs you about £25 for putting up an ad for two weeks, while further rise of cost will depend on number of photos included and the time duration. If you opt to place the ad for six weeks, then the cost will amount to £40.

But online advertising means, that there are thousands of others who are also using these sites to sell their cars, which lessens your chances of getting a buyer quickly. Sometimes it can take up to two weeks, before someone calls and you may have to confront frauds and scammers. Most sellers are also contacted by agents of competitor ads site, persuading them to place ads there as well.

All of this can result in a waste of time and potentially loss, as there are some "buyers" who use fake cheques to deceive sellers. In order to avoid putting your nose into all this hassle, you can also choose to sell your car to credible sites that buy cars online. Some of them offer fair prices and will agree to transfer the amount to your bank account, even before gaining the possession of your car.

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