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Drive Around, Get Paid, Have Fun

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Drive Around, Get Paid, Have Fun

Rita R. Philips
13 June 2009

It is true that there are companies who pay people to drive free cars. Today, one of the most potent forms of advertising is through car wrapping. This is done through searching for people who are willing to let their cars be wrapped with stickers containing logos and tag lines of products. In short, your car will serve as a mobile billboard to let people know of a certain product, especially if the product is new and has just been released out in the market. This whole idea of using mobile billboards in advertising is relatively new but has in fact proven to be more efficient since cars go places compared to steady billboards.

There are requirements for individuals who want their cars sponsored. During the application process, applicants may be asked about how often they drive, where they go, where they usually park their cars, and their hobbies and interests. This is for the company to know the possible places that may be reached by their advertisements. Sponsored drivers are advised to drive around and pass through institutions that are most frequented by people like malls, schools and universities, churches, and supermarkets. Companies also do occasional surprise inspections to ensure that car owners maintain the cleanliness of their wrapped cars.

Companies usually prefer those individuals who have past experiences as drivers and those who go around towns more frequently than do ordinary car owners. A college degree is not necessary. As long as the applicant has professional driver's license and drives around town a lot, he could get sponsorship from companies. There is also an age requirement of at least 18 years.

An excellent driving record is also preferred by companies so expect that a background check on you might be done. An applicant is usually asked to specify on the contract how and where he drives, for how long, and with what purposes and under what circumstances. This is the reason why he also needs to specify his hobbies and interests. If the driver fails to perform such specifications, his contract would be terminated.

Normally, there are two types of programs offered by companies who want to advertise their products. These are first, the 'Drive a Free Car' program and second, 'Get Paid for Driving' program. In the first, you will be given a free car with stickers already wrapped around it. In the latter, your own car will be commissioned. Product stickers will be provided by companies and you will get paid for driving it like you normally do.

This form of advertising offers a lot more benefits even for ordinary people. Usually, monthly payment reaches up to $500. This could be a useful source of extra income for those who own cars. A valued member can also have free access to a comprehensive list of companies in Europe who are looking for cars to commission in advertising. A driver could also be entitled for other bonuses depending on the performance as well as the increase in sales of the product being advertised. The performance in driving is monitored by a GPS installed by companies in wrapped cars. This way, the company would be assured that the car they sponsor goes around all the time during the contract period.

You could find a chance to drive a Free Car and Get Paid with Car Wrap Advertising program.

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