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Congratulating John Schultz on His Retirement After 44 Years at UPS

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Trucking Topics:  UPS, John Schultz

Congresswoman Jackie Walorski
Congressional Record: 115th Congress
Extensions of Remarks
29 August 2017

HON. JACKIE WALORSKI of Indiana in the House of Representatives
Tuesday, August 29, 2017

  Mrs. WALORSKI. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to congratulate John Schultz 
on his recent retirement after 44 years at UPS.
  John has been delivering packages to families, individuals, and 
businesses in Elkhart since 1973. He quickly became a friendly face in 
the neighborhood, and hard work, determination, and inspiration led 
John to become one of the longest-serving drivers for UPS. John 
exemplifies the characteristics we should all strive for in our daily 
lives. He is kind, thoughtful, and high-spirited, and his steadfast 
work ethic has allowed him to succeed in his various roles with UPS and 
continue to proudly support his family.
  I am so grateful that our community has someone like John to look up 
to as a role model for perseverance in both career and everyday life. 
During his tenure with UPS, the technological advancements and growing 
economy made his role and responsibilities dynamic and ever-changing. 
John dealt expertly with the changing times and emerged as a leader in 
the field. He was trusted by his peers and superiors, and he carried 
out each job with integrity, always keeping safety, his training, and 
customer service in mind.
  Mr. Speaker, on behalf of Indiana's 2nd District, I want to thank 
John for his commitment to safe, responsible driving, and for serving 
our community for many wonderful years. I applaud his hard work and 
achievements over the years and wish him all the best in this next 

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