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Chase Wonders?

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Chase Wonders?

Jeremy T. Sellers
Jerm's Joint
September 15, 2009

I can't believe I'm going to say this without throwing up in my mouth just a little, but Kyle Busch raced smart Saturday night. He knew what he had to do to get in the chase, but came up just a tad short. He was smart and calculated, but indeed a case of too much, too late. We all have to admit that over the last few weeks, Kyle has changed his attitude for the better, and even his style of racing somewhat. He has become more tolerant of the press, answers questions like he's got a brain between his shoulders, and smiles a hell of a lot more than he use to. Dare I say even has attempted to develop a sense of humor? Either way, he put the charm on a little too late. Kyle still needs to work on his radio communications with his crew. I still say if I was his chief and he talked to me the way I've heard some audio playbacks, we'd be goin' behind the wood shed after the race. Baby steps, right? It isn't going to happen over night, and now that he has nothing to lose, maybe the punk in him will reappear during the last ten races.

If you are a Dale Jr. fan, you are all still trying to figure out how he can run in the top ten most of the evening to finish, what has become his consistant, 21st place. Granted, switching back and forth between the OSU game (another disappointment) and the race, I might have missed some published handling issues, but I just can't figure Jr. and his guys out this year. They seem to always screw up a good car towards the end of the run. I would tell you to start looking forward to next season, but I don't know what it is we have to look forward TO.

New Hampshire...hmmm, this one definitely gets one of my notorious "WTF" awards to NASCAR for making this venue the premier event for the Chase for the Cup. Just over a mile, and as flat as a school girl's chest, NHMS reminds me of a Martinsville on steroids. You have little paper clips, then you have big ones! It's easy to see why they hold races here to only 300 laps. I only want to nap in front of the television so long, ya know?

Mark Martin. What can you say about Mr. Class? Proving that the ol' timers can still get it done, and not have to race dirty (though at times, it would be nice to see...) Can you imagine a better "feelgood" story than to have Mark win the cup? Once nearly retired, only to become a champion? Sounds like something a Lifetime Movie would be written. Good luck to him the next ten races!

Peronsally, I will watch what of the chase that I can, but I'm gearing up for Daytona. Another season, another let down. Many of us are wondering if NASCAR is getting the message and is going to work on improving the quality of racing we deserve to see. Another tanked season such as '09 and there may not be anything to salvage after this! Still, we can keep our fingers crossed until February!

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