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Don't Get Jacked In Houston, Texas

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Don't Get Jacked In Houston, Texas

Casey Hunt
3 November 2009

A car jacking can happen to anyone at any time. This can be serious, resulting in serious injury or even death. It can happen at a spot someone frequently goes to and is very familiar with or somewhere a person is unfamiliar with. It can happen to a young man, and older man, a woman with or without children. Yes, it can even happen to you.

There are some things you can do to make the attempt a little harder on a would-be thief. Park in an area which is well-traveled, nearest to the entrance of the building you are going to. You should also always be aware of what is around you. Before getting into your vehicle, take a look around and inside of your vehicle. If you feel uneasy, turn and go back into the building where you came out of. By all means, NEVER attempt to fight off a carjacker. If it comes down to it, let them have your vehicle, not your life!

Alarms and locking devices can help to thwart off a would-be thief. Decals showing that your vehicle is equipped with anti-theft devices can make a would-be thief move on. Smart keys and various equipment which disable the vehicle can also deter a thief. More recently, automobile manufacturers have begun to incorporate tracking systems into newer vehicles. These aid in recovering stolen vehicles and in returning your stolen property to you. These are just a couple things that can help to prevent the possibility of making your car or yourself a victim of a car jacking.

If you must travel alone, remember to lock your doors. Do as much of your driving in the daytime as possible. Stay on well-traveled roads and know your surroundings. If you are not familiar with the Houston area you are in, have a map handy or, better yet, purchase a GPS unit to aid you. Always leave space between you and any other vehicles when coming to a stop. If you are by yourself and run across someone whose vehicle looks to be disabled, phone your local emergency system and report it before attempting to stop and help. Always follow your "gut" instinct. It could save your life.

If your vehicle is stolen, report it to the police and then call your insurance company. If you have not done so already, make the call today to ensure your vehicle is properly insured and make sure you have comprehensive insurance coverage, as liability-only insurance will not cover vehicle theft.

Spartan Insurance is a leader in Texas car insurance and offers comprehensive car insurance that can help cover the costs related to a vehicle theft. If you have 5 minutes, get a free, no-hassle rate quote using their automated quote system. You could end up saving a lot of money. Visit Houston Car Insurance to begin your quote today.

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