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Do You Have Your Car Insurance In Full Force?

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Do You Have Your Car Insurance In Full Force?

Jimmy Woodall
7 November 2009

This day and time you should be very careful about getting on the highways and roads without proper vehicle insurance. If you are not aware an un-insured vehicle found on the highway this day and time can cost you a lot more than you care to even think about. Why take a chance at any time.

Just about the time you are thinking oh well, I am
just going a mile down here. Here comes a small bump or fender bender and oh boy now you have big problems. These problems are not going away easily.

Why take the chance, if you are caught on the road without insurance in most states, ok first thing they are going to do is take your driver License. Then You will have to have an insurance company or an agent file an SR-22 for you that proves you have insurance before you will get them back.

In most states they are going to pull you auto tags as well, so there again you another big problem. The SR-22 must again be filed, proving you have insurance coverage.

Heaven forbid your becoming involved in an automobile accident and the other person receives some kind of bodily injury. You have accrued a much bigger problem if this happens.

So you must understand that before you get on the road in an un-insured vehicle do not do it. Always make sure you have the required insurance coverage on your vehicle. This can really save you a lot of grief down the road.

It is very important to be knowledgeable as to the extent of insurance coverage you will need on your car. Always be sure of your need before signing any kind of contract. You need to be sure that the policy will fit and meet your specific needs.

Like any other type insurance, the insurance should cover the physical damage incurred by the vehicle. On the other hand what about the bodily injury and liability claims, should these be covered as well? You should specify what limits you feel you need, also you need to check what is required in your state.

Regardless of what might be required, you need to make sure that you have property damage liability as well as personal injury liability. Another coverage you should investigate is called non-insured motorist.

In many accidents if the other person involved in the accident has good liability both property as well as bodily injury coverage, usually his pays for you and yours in return does the same.

Though I understand some states have stopped this. Just investigate and try to make sure you are properly covered, better to be over a little than to find yourself with a shortage of coverage.

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