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Go Green, Increase Your M.P.G.

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Go Green, Increase Your M.P.G.

Larry Gross
16 November 2009

How would you like to increase your M.P.G., Go Green, by reducing your Exhaust Emissions by at least 30 percent? Customers report an average savings of up to 19% per fill up.

In one exhaust test it showed an existing car with over 280,000 miles using the Ethos Products tested cleaner than a new Prius Hybrid.

Ethos Oil Treatment is an additive that is added to your oil every time you change oil. You use 1 OZ of oil treatment for every quart of oil your car requires. Ethos Oil Treatment can be used in all Combustion Engine, Diesels, Lawn Mowers, Motorcycles. If you are now using Synthetic Oil you can stop when you use the Ethos Oil Treatment. Tests show that you can at a minimum double the miles between oil changes. That alone can be a significant savings

Ethos FR + is a fuel additive you add to your fuel every time you fill up your car. You use 2 OZ for every 15 gallons of gas. It is guaranteed to increase your M.P.G. 9 to 19 percent. Ethos FR + is Biodegradable and Environmentally friendly. If your car is required by the Manufacture to use Premium Gas in your car adding EthosFR+ to your Gas will allow you to use Regular Gas, Ethos FR+ replaces the need for High Octane Fuel, that alone can be a 10 to 20 cent per gallon savings along with your M.P.G. Increase can be significant savings to the existing gas bill you now pay. You know gas prices are on the rise again which means gas prices will likely continue to rise.

Ethos FR+ works with any Fuel; Gas, Diesel, Bio Diesel, Ethanol Blends and Furnace Oil. It is effective in any Internal Combustion Engine, Cars, Trucks, RVs, Motorcycles, Boats, Generators and Lawn Mowers.

EthosFR+ and Ethos Oil Treatment lubricates, cools, cleans and protects your Engine - for longer life, improved horsepower and increased mileage. You can add EthosFR+ to your power steering fluid, your transmission and to your crankcase. Ethos has many advantages that will save you money. If you drive a car you can't afford not to be using the EthosFR+ and Ethos Oil Treatment.

Ethos Environmental, Inc. is a recession proof for life. Four mega trends have converged to make our business a tidal wave of growth.
1. Volatile fuel prices
2. Global demand for oil
3. Environmental concerns
4. Declining economic conditions

If you are among the record numbers looking for ways to replace, diversify, or surpass their incomes. Right now is the perfect time to be among those helping to set up the your consumer distribution network, locally, nationally, and internationally.

My name is Larry Gross. Please go to my Web Site http://www.ecomates.com/larrygross and check it out. Every person with an Automobile should be using the products. It is an absolute money saver.

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