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Affordable Car Insurance- How To Ensure Your Teen Driver Gets The Best Rate On Auto Insurance

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Affordable Car Insurance- How To Ensure Your Teen Driver Gets The Best Rate On Auto Insurance

Jay Leo
21 November 2009

Nowadays, the price for automobile insurance for young drivers is very costly. What causes the insurance premium to rise so much when a teenager is involved? Statistics state that teenagers are usually more likely to be involved in accidents that more experienced drivers. The rate is higher also due to the inexperience of the driver.

The longer you have been driving, the lower your premium will be, given you have a good driving record. Not all auto insurance for teens is created equal. You can still find a more affordable rate, even with your teen driving. There is almost always good news associated with bad news.

In this instance, the good news is that not all insurance companies are against teen drivers and some actually want to help you to get appropriate coverage for a good price. Instead of just assuming all teenagers have a high accident risk, many companies will check the background history of your teen and then make an informed decision from this. If your teen follows all traffic rules and has a good driving history, they will get a cheaper premium.

If your teen has already had numerous speeding tickets and been in accidents, they will require a higher premium. Making sure that your teen follows all rules and safety regulations when driving ensures a lower car insurance premium. Helping to ensure this is to be a good example.

Don't hold to the saying do as I say, not as I do. Your teen will usually follow your good example and your ways of driving. If you are a reckless driver, they will think this is okay. So being safe and responsible on the road can lead to safer, more responsible teenagers on the road too. Another option to lower the premium amount by even more is to add your teenage driver to your policy that is already in effect.

Instead of being named a primary driver on a policy, this will add them as an additional driver to your already in place insurance. Ensuring that your teenager has adequate insurance to protect them is important, but also is protecting yourself. Don't add your teen to your policy if it is going to make it skyrocket.

Some insurance companies will offer a discount for multiple drivers on the same policy. This can benefit you if it is offered, but at the same time ,can prove to be very detrimental to your auto insurance premiums.

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