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Ford Bares Flex Crossover’s Particulars

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Ford Bares Flex Crossover’s Particulars

Anthony Fontanelle
April 12, 2007

The ongoing New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) has hosted the unveiling of different vehicles. Aside from concept vehicles, the event is also a venue for unveiling future and present production cars. The Ford Motor Company has taken advantage of the country’s largest motor show by unveiling the 2009 Ford Flex crossover sport utility vehicle.

The Flex is the first crossover vehicle to provide seats for up to seven persons. The full-size crossover SUV will be part of Ford’s formidable lineup in the summer of 2008 when the Flex will begin appearing in showrooms across the United States.

Mark Fields, Ford’s president of The Americas, has this to say during the unveiling of the vehicle at the New York Auto Show: “The new Ford Flex crossover is a game-changer. It’s the first vehicle of its kind that combines seating for seven, interior spaciousness and surprising features with a striking design that looks great on the road and at home for today’s modern American families. The Flex builds on Ford’s leadership in crossover vehicles, which is the fastest-growing part of the auto market today.”

A crossover vehicle is essentially a large vehicle built around a platform of a small car. The advent of crossover is mainly due to the increased prices of gasoline. The public, fearing further increase of gas prices, have turned their backs on gas guzzling SUVs. While there are car buyers content with small cars, there are a huge number of motorists who wants the versatility of large vehicles like SUVs on their vehicles.

To address that demand, car manufacturers started developing vehicles with the versatility of a large car and the fuel economy of a small car. Last year, the crossover market outperformed the SUV market for the first time which shows a strong inclination of car buyers towards crossover vehicles. This has lead car manufacturers to increase their lineup of crossover vehicles just like what Ford has done with the Ford Flex.

The Ford Flex is characterized by a bold styling which is, of course, common on most large vehicles from Ford. Amenities include an interior refrigerator, second row footrests, an in-car communications and an entertainment system called the Ford Sync™. The entertainment system features a 2,300-song personal juke box. Lighting inside the vehicle can be programmed to suit the needs or desire of the passengers. The Flex provides adequate space with its seven seats.

Ford has not only taken care of the exterior and interior styling of the Flex but also integrated safety features both active and passive. Consumers have an option of a rear back-up camera which aids drivers when backing down. This feature comes in handy when parking in a tight parking space. Aside from that, the Flex is also equipped with front and side seat mounted air bags. Its safety features also include the AdvanceTrac® technology with RSC or Roll Stability Control®.

The anti-lock braking system is also a standard feature and can be further enhanced with the use of EBC brake pads. These features are a great plus for buyers since the Ford Flex is aimed for families and those in that bracket are looking for cars loaded with safety features.

The power of the Flex comes from an award-winning 3.5-liter V6 engine capable of producing 260 horsepower and a torque of 245 lb-ft. The engine is coupled to a six-speed transmission. The combination of the engine and the gear box allows the Flex to have a respectable fuel economy for its size.

Source:  Amazines.com

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