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Auto Insurance -The State you Reside in Will Affect Your Auto Insurance Policy Premiums.

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Auto Insurance -The State you Reside in Will Affect Your Auto Insurance Policy Premiums.

Jay Leo
October 8, 2009

Jay Leo

Where you live is a major factor of the premium you will have to pay for your auto insurance policy. Other facts that affect your premium are; driving history, insurance claims history, credit rating and history, your age, if you are male or female, and the specified type of insurance you are purchasing along with the type of vehicle you drive.

It is a well-known fact that where you reside, whether it be city or rural will affect your insurance policy premium. This is because when you live in a higher populated area, the chance of an accident is increased. You will also pay a higher price if you live in a less populated area withfewer doctors and hospitals within a reasonable distance.

This is because if you do have an accident and you require care, there is a further distance and more financial obligations associated with getting the care that you require. It is also a fact that what state you reside in will affect what you pay. This is because state laws of coverage can vary and some require a minimum amount of liability insurance to be purchased before allowing a car to be driven on the street.

If you live in Tennessee, New Hampshire, or Wisconsin, this will not be a factor in your premiums. All other states require this minimum financial responsibility. The highest rates and lowest rates depend on which state you reside in also.

The highest rates that are charged have been issued in; New York, Louisiana, Maryland, D.C., and Rhode Island. The cheapest rates by state that were charged were; Maine, Vermont, Iowa, Idaho, and Wisconsin.

If you find that you reside in one the states that charge the highest amount for auto insurance rates, trying to qualify for discounts is your best bet to lower your premium, ie: multiple car discounts and safe driver discounts. Improve your safe driving record by always obeying speed limits and following traffic signs. The enrollment in a defensive, safe driving course can also help to lower your premiums.

Before doing this, check with your auto insurance company to make sure they offer discounts for doing this. Saving money these days is on everyone's mind,learning all the tricks on how to drop your auto insurance rates amongst your many other monthly bills is the key to cumulative monthly savings.

Learn how to save drastic amounts of money each and every month off of all your insurance bills.

Visit http://www.insurance-auto-insurance-health-insurance.com today to save up to 50 % or more on home insurance, car insurance, auto insurance, health insurance, life insurance, business insurance, and home owners insurance today.

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