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Battery Booster Pack -- Tip For Saving Money

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Battery Booster Pack -- Tip For Saving Money

Ben Mester
24 November 2009

I had never heard of a battery booster pack until recently. I'm an old fashioned kind of guy, which means that I like to use a thing up completely before throwing it away. I was just getting an oil change the other day, and while they were emptying out the old stuff, they did an analysis on my car battery. They told me that my battery would soon to be down to about a half charge and that I shouldn't wait in replacing it. Half charge?!? That's when I first started thinking seriously about picking up a battery booster pack. What is a battery booster pack exactly? Well, it's exactly what it sounds like... it's a pack... that boosts your car battery.

The inherent problem with car batteries is that they need a lot of juice up front to kick off the starter and turn over the engine. So once they start to lose their charge, it becomes increasingly difficult to turn the engine over. For the most part, the car battery is still good, having plenty of juice to keep the car systems going, but the initial charge is hard to come by. That's when a battery booster pack can come in handy. A battery booster pack helps give that initial surge of amps to start the car. When used in conjunction with a car battery tester, you can maximize the life of your battery.

Car batteries are expensive. If a battery just needs a little boost for that initial surge of energy to start the car, then a battery booster pack is a great thing to think about. Not only is it nice in a pinch when you accidentally left the dome light on all night and killed your battery. It's also nice to have around to know that you can maximize the life of your battery without the threat of being stranded somewhere. A new car battery can run you anywhere from $40 to $80, and decent enough battery booster packs are sold for around $100, though you can get them for as little as $50. So not only will they maximize the life of your batteries, they eliminate the need for jumper cables. In the long run, it can be a very cost effective tool, depending on how much driving you tend to do.

A battery booster pack acts like the battery of another car and comes equipped with alligator clamps and cables, like normal jumper cables. If your car battery doesn't have enough juice to kick off the engine, the battery booster pack is designed to give you enough peak amps to your battery to turn the engine over. Battery booster packs often can come with lots of bells and whistles and other gadgets like flashlights and air compressors. Depending on if you want the extra stuff, which actually comes in handy every now and again. jump starters can put out around 1700 peak amps to help boost your battery to turn the starter and get the engine started. And they're generally pretty small, about the size of the car battery itself, easily storable in the trunk.

In today's economy, anything a person can do to save money is generally a good idea. One of the best money saving tips is always figuring out how to maximize the tools we rely on in our daily lives. Cars are no exception. Figuring out how to maximize the life on batteries, oil changes, tune ups, and everything else can really be a big money saver.

Thanks for reading my article about Battery Booster Packs. For more automotive and money saving tips, check out some more of my work.

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