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DMV Requires A New Auto Insurance Policy When You Move To New State

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DMV Requires A New Auto Insurance Policy When You Move To New State

Jay Leo
28 November 2009

When you are moving, it seems like everything is out of sorts and difficult. The packing of your fragile items to the moving of furniture, everything must be taken care of. One thing that you can make less difficult is using the Internet to set up your new automotive insurance.

The DMV makes it mandatory to take out a brand new insurance policy upon moving to a new state. This makes using the Internet the best way to have your insurance policy in place when you move so you don't have to deal with it once you arrive to your new home. You will not be able to get a new driver's license without this new policy.

Some states will give you 2 weeks to acquire this information, but some others will not. Counting on this reprieve is not the best way to handle it as you could end up not being able to drive. If you are only moving to another city within the same state you currently reside, you will not have to do very much in changing out automotive insurance.

You will have to call your company and let them know of your moving and they will ask your new address and how the vehicle will be garaged. The change on your driver's license will be fairly simple as you will only have to fill out a form. Acquiring a new automotive policy through the Internet is the easiest way. If you call your insurance company and request the change, you will then have to wait for you new policy and insurance cards to be mailed to you.

When doing your insurance business online, you usually have the option of printing out your new documents immediately so there is no need to wait. This can help to make your moving a lot easier. It will allow you to have this taken care of ahead of time and one less thing to do when you are busy trying to get organized and most likely going to work at a new job.

One less thing on your plate is a good thing and the DMV will be a lot nicer to you if you are prepared when you walk through their doors. Conducting the proper auto insurance research before you move to a new state is the best way to be prepared for your transitional move from one state to the next.

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