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Auto Insurance News - Do Not Eat And Drive. Top 10 Foods That Have Been Proven To Cause Accidents

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Auto Insurance News - Do Not Eat And Drive. Top 10 Foods That Have Been Proven To Cause Accidents

Jay Leo
3 December 2009

National leading auto insurance companies have announced a list of the top foods that cause more car accidents and result in higher auto insurance premiums. Drivers who consume while driving run the risk of raising the premium of their auto insurance.

It is a fact, although the insurance companies do not ask you if you eat while driving when taking out a policy. Consuming while driving is one of the most off-putting things you can do, according to the study that was released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.

80% of all car accidents and 65% of almost car accidents were caused by the distraction of the driver. The N.H.T.S.A. said that "Distraction was most likely to be involved in rear-rend collisions in which the lead vehicle was stopped, as well as in single vehicle crashes." Distractions such as consuming can become a major issue for drivers who can't react fast enough to a sharp turn or another vehicle's sudden stop.

Even just one accident can cause an increase in your auto insurance premiums as much as 25%. 10 foods to avoid consuming while driving

1.Coffee: Even when it has a lid attached, hot coffee can find its way out of the cup when a small bump in the road is hit.

2.Hot Soup: Many individuals consume it the same as they would coffee. It provides the same risks.

3.Tacos: Any type of food that can come apart and make your car look like an all you can eat salad bar.

4.Chili Dogs: Big potential for drippings and slop to find its way to your clothing.

5.Hamburgers: Due to the grease and the condiments, it can get all over your hands and then be transferred to the steering wheel.

6.Wings and Ribs: This can cause big distraction due to finger licking.

7.Fried Chicken: This causes really greasy hands and you have to try to clean them while driving, which causes both hands to leave the steering wheel.

8.Jellied Donuts: It is just not possible to consume one without wanting to look at the center and watch the jelly come out.

9.Soda: It contains carbonation that can fizz up into your nostrils. The lids can leak and cause spills.

10.Chocolate: Trying to remove chocolate that has melted on your steering wheel while driving can be very dangerous as it will not wipe off so easily.

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