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Promotional Merchandise For Cars - 5 Top Ideas For Your Next Promotion

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Promotional Merchandise For Cars - 5 Top Ideas For Your Next Promotion

Paul Beirne
7 December 2009

Promotional Merchandise for the motorist covers a wide range of products. They include inexpensive items such as tax disc holders to much more expensive items like tool kits or torches. This article offers 5 great ideas to use for your next promotion that involves cars or trucks.

Promotional Tax Disc Holder

Once upon a time these were simple pieces of plain round plastic that held your tax disc . Occasionally it had an advert on the back from the local garage. Now it's a totally different story with these excellent promotional Gifts topping the list of motoring premiums. One food chain alone used more than 1 Million Tax Disc holders that were designed to take a special discount card given out by the client. Drivers who fixed this to their windscreens were then able to avail themselves of any current offers in the Drive Thru lane. A simple but very effective idea.

Promotional Ice Scrapers

The great thing about Ice Scrapers in the UK is that almost everyone needs one at some time. They are inexpensive, have a great print area and are rarely thrown away by the recipient. For these reasons you get a great return on your investment.

Promotional Tyre Tread Indicator

This may seem like a specialist piece of kit but you would be amazed at how long people keep these excellent Promotional Gifts. They have a good print area, they are inexpensive and they really can save lives let alone save you points on you license for having bald tyres.

Promotional Cup Holders

It may be the case that most cars now have cup holders built in as standard. However there are still millions of cars that have none at all and even more millions who have none in the back of the car. Developments in new materials has meant that these excellent promotional items are now much stronger and therefore much safer.

Promotional First Aid Kits

These don't get used much hopefully but as Promotional Merchandise they work extremely well. When was the last time you threw away a First Aid kit? Exactly, nobody does, just in case they may need it which is why your logo and message will stay around long after the pen or keyring has gone.

Promotional Car Stickers

Who never ever used a Promotional Car Sticker? Everyone has at some time whether it was in the car when we bought it or to tell people where we've been, what we've done or who we support. Screen Printers still sells hundreds of thousands of these great little Promotional gifts every year. Digital printing now means that much shorter runs are possible and costs are kept to a minimum.

Whatever your promotion involves do try to give your Promotional Merchandise supplier time to source the products in the Far East. This will save you lots of money or allow you buy a much more expensive products. The returns you will get from your clients in terms of gratitude will make this extra little bit of work well worthwhile.

Paul Beirne has been the Sales Director at BTC Group for more than 20 years. His experience has helped to make the company the largest privately owned Promotional Merchandise manufacturer in the UK. To watch a short video about what this amazing company does please visit the About Us section in the home page

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