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Ford Fusion Hybrid

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Ford Fusion Hybrid

Ezra Drissman
27 December 2009

Hybrid cars, which are able to run using either gasoline or an alternative fuel or electricity, are the latest buzz in the world of cleaner and greener vehicles. Ford has come out with the Ford Fusion Hybrid for that purpose. Ford is a company that has been delivering quality products since 1903. They manufacture cars, SUV's, trucks, Hybrids as well as race cars. The Ford Company has a long history of environmental awareness.

As its name suggests the Ford Fusion Hybrid is a gas - electric version of the popular Ford Fusion, which is a mid size family sedan. It was introduced with a new model and designs in 2009. It is 190.6 inches in length, 80.1 inches in width and 56.9 inches in height with a base curb weight of 3720 pounds.

The basic features of the Ford Fusion hybrid include dual zone climate control, power windows, locks and mirrors, keyless entry, automatic headlights, cap less refueling, ABS and traction control. Included with these features is a six speaker stereo, 17 inch wheels, traction control, eco - responsible seats and a reverse sensor. There is an option to choose a GPS system along with heated leather seats and/or a Sony audio playback system. The Ford Fusion hybrid can run at speeds of up to 47 miles per hour on the power from the electricity batteries alone. The Ford Fusion's engine is a 2.5 liter inline - four with 155 horsepower along with 136 pounds - feet of torque bolted into a CVT transmission. Like the other hybrid cars, the Ford Fusion hybrid utilizes regenerative braking, an upgraded nickel - metal hydride battery which is claimed to be 20 % more powerful than previous batteries in its class, along with a smart climate control system. The Ford Fusion hybrid also features the Smart Gauge system, which helps drivers to drive better and more safely. The car is capable of 700 miles of in town driving. The hybrid is highly tuned for safety and comes with both side impact and side curtain air bags along with a belt minder for safety belts. There is a tire pressure monitoring system and dual front airbags as well as a post crash SOS system. The car can carry up to 5 passengers with a passenger volume of 99.8 cubic feet.

The Ford Fusion hybrid starts at a price of $27,270 which is higher than current Hybrids in the market but it makes up for the price with highly advanced mileage and safety standards.

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