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The 2012 Volkswagen Golf

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The 2012 Volkswagen Golf

Wolfe Tone
24 November 2012

The 2012 VW Golf features German engineering in a small framed car. This model has received high ratings for it's safety features and reliabilty.The quality engineering and overall small size make the VW Golf a fun car to drive.

The VW Golf features a powerful engine and the use of high quality materials for the interior of the car. As far as current models of the VW Golf being offered, many people suggest opting for the Turbocharged Direct Injection diesel trim model, due to the fact that this model offers much better diesel mileage and fuel efficiency than other types. This model is also available in both a standard and automatic transmission. TDI models also come with a sport suspension that many drivers prefer.

The VW Golf features impressive on-road performance with smooth steering and solid braking function. U.S. News rated the VW Golf with an overall 8.5 out of ten. Features such as performance, exterior, interior, safety, and reliability were factors judged to determine this score.

Safety is always a concern in a car, and the VW Golf comes with special safety features such as anti-slip regulation, hill hold assist,engine braking assist, electronic differential lock,electronic brake-pressure distribution, hydraulic brake-assist, anti-lock brakes, and six airbags. The four door model of the VW Golf Gold was rated as an IIHS Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety. (This rating does not apply to the two-door model.)

J.D. Power Ratings compiled scores from consumers who have owned the vehicles for a few months. Average consumers who own a VW Golf gave it an average rating in overall and powertrain quality. The rating was slightly higher than average for body and interior quality in design,and in the mechanical aspects of features and accessories quality. The consumer rating ranked slightly less than average for the design aspect on features and accessories, as well as the mechanical aspects of body and interior quality.

We test drove the VW Golf across county Meath and found it quite a pleasant drive and it performed smoothly across the undulating terrain of the Meath countryside. The car did everything that was asked of it and the feedback through the steering wheel was remarkable. The ride comfort for a car of this size was remarkable and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recomending it to anyone who was considering buying one. It is very ecconomicial and its diesel engine could be compared to that of a petrol version when it came to acceleration.

We love the car and look forward to testing the 2013 version.

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