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BMW Sauber Takes 5-6 Spots

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BMW Sauber Takes 5-6 Spots

Anthony Fontanelle
May 29, 2007

After making four a recurring number for the team, the combination of Heidfeld and Kubica took the fifth and the sixth spots at the Monaco Grand Prix. The first Pole to drive a Formula One car, Robert Kubica managed to get the fifth spot after taking the team’s fourth fourth place finish at the Spanish Grand Prix. His fifth place finish gave Team BMW Sauber a good grip of the third spot at the Constructor’s Championship and taking the place behind McLaren Mercedes and Ferrari.

While the fifth place finish moved him to the seventh spot in the driver’s championship, Kubica appears to be slightly disappointed by his performance at the most prestigious race of the Formula One season. “Unfortunately I don't think our one stop strategy was the right one for this year's Monaco,” says Kubica. He also pointed out that he experienced some problems with his car during the race. “We expected Safety Car periods and these did not happen. Looking back now, I think we could have finished better, but I am happy to have scored some important points again. I had a small problem with the brakes soon after the start of the race and had to pump them all the time which did not make me feel confident. Then I was stuck in traffic and at the end I had a sensor problem which meant I was without traction control for quite a long time.”

Meanwhile, his teammate, the German Nick Heidfeld, posted a sixth place finish. He has this to say after the race: “Because of my one stop strategy the most important thing for me to do was overtake Mark Webber at the start, and this worked out. I was also able to get passed Nico Rosberg, although our cars touched in the first corner but luckily mine wasn't damaged. In the early laps of my first stint I had some problems with the soft tires, but later they became better and better. On my second stint I lost quite a few seconds when I had to let the two McLarens by. It was enough to let Robert get just in front of me after his pit stop. But altogether I am quite happy with the result.”

McLaren drivers Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton took the first and second place respectively with Ferrari’s Felipe Massa taking third. With the 5-6 finish for Team BMW Sauber, they have increased their lead over Renault which has 16 points while BMW already has 31 points for the season. It is a good race all in all for the German team with no serious malfunctions of their cars that not even a BMW fan clutch failure impeded their way for the 5-6 finish.

Source:  Amazines.com

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