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McLaren Boss Will Not Be Forced Out

Open Wheel Racing Topics:  McLaren, Ron Dennis

McLaren Boss Will Not Be Forced Out

Anthony Fontanelle
September 11, 2007

The current Formula One season has been mired with controversies. Although this year has seen the rising of a new star in the form of McLaren rookie Lewis Hamilton, the story of the year so far is centered on a spying scandal which involves the sport's top two teams. McLaren is being accused of spying on Ferrari and using Ferrari data to get the advantage over the Italian team.

Earlier this year, just four days after the European Grand Prix, McLaren was summoned to face the FIA - the ruling body of the sport. At the said hearing, McLaren was found guilty of the possession of secret Ferrari data but was spared from any punishment as there is no conclusive evidence showing that McLaren has used the data to their advantage. The Woking-based team though is not off the hook yet as evidence has recently surfaced and will be deliberated at another hearing scheduled on Thursday.

One strange twist to this saga is the suggestion that McLaren's team principal, Ron Dennis, retire and the whole scandal will disappear. Dennis though is adamant that he will not be forced to retire from a sport that he has been a part of for a long time. In a recent interview, Dennis said that: "Clearly there is a hell of a lot of gossip and rumor, and many people are suggesting solutions to this issue."

The British Formula One icon added that: "I am the chairman and chief executive of the McLaren Group, and I am sure if the McLaren Group are considered to be responsible for something, logically one of the solutions that may be seen by some people is for me not to be running it."

"But I will just put it with a lot of other suggestions. I listen to anybody's opinion, but it doesn't necessarily mean I will allow it to sway my own judgment. I was very much considering, well before this matter started to unfold, that this would be a year at the end of which I would at least stop going to grands prix," he added.

Although Dennis and the team are facing trying times, the Italian Grand Prix became a much needed boost for them. Although Ferrari is favored going into the Italian Grand Prix, it was McLaren that posted a one-two finish with two-time world champion Fernando Alonso leading the way and Lewis Hamilton finishing just behind him. The two McLaren drivers showed their cars' potential at the testing at Monza earlier. The MP4-22 that the two McLaren drivers used employs an engine provided by German automaker Mercedes-Benz which also produces auto parts such as Mercedes-Benz vent visors and other components.

After the race, Dennis was in tears. "I am pretty emotional, but I am more emotional about the support the team showed me, and that's what we are - a team," said Dennis in the post-race interview. He said that the support of the team members as well as their partners Vodafone and Mercedes-Benz has been great for the whole organization. "We've tried to maintain our motivation and dignity in challenging circumstances," concluded Dennis.

Source:  Amazines.com

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