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Audi Hires Young Blood

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Audi Hires Young Blood

Anthony Fontanelle
September 12, 2007

German automaker Audi is making a bid to become the king of the mountain. For the past years, it has been rated behind BMW and Mercedes-Benz - its fellow German automakers. But recently, Audi is making a push in the right direction. The announcement that the R8 will be sold in the United States definitely called the attention of many consumers to the brand.

Aside from coming up with new cars built to attract consumers, the automaker is also recruiting fresh talent into their folds. Six hundred academics is the target for Audi. Of this number, sixty will be hired this month. Six of the newly hired young engineers are at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The young talents are there to unveil the new Audi RS6 - the company's most powerful production vehicle. The employees came from four different nations showing the diversity in Audi's team.

Rupert Stadler, the Chairman of the Board of Management at Audi AG, said that this move is their action towards securing the future of the automaker. "With the competencies of highly qualified graduates we will further enhance the innovative power of our brand. Today we are already thinking about tomorrow," Stadler expressed. He further pointed out that: "It is the enthusiasm for our products that forms the basis of Audi’s unique success. Behind every new Audi there are more than 50,000 employees, who with passion and dedication develop, produce and bring our vehicles to market."

As part of its move to become one of the strongest premium brands in the auto market globally, the automaker announced earlier this year that they will be increasing the number of vehicles in their lineup. For the next eight years, Audi is expected to double the number of its nameplates. With this move, it can be expected that Audi will also be producing a lot more auto parts such as Audi headlights, powertrain components, suspension parts, and others.

Dr, Werner Widuckel, a Board Member for Human Resources at Audi AG, declared that the increase in their offering will mean more jobs in the future. "This will create more jobs and also increase our popularity as an employer," he said. "To a great extent, graduates want to identify with the products of their preferred employer. Factors such as market success and innovative power, interesting work and individual opportunities for development play an important role when choosing an employer," added Dr. Widuckel.

Dr. Widuckel also pointed out that securing the employment of dedicated workers alone ensures the strong future for the brand. "Human Resources work is therefore a major pillar of our corporate strategy. Only motivated and dedicated employees will ensure company success and innovative power in the future," he said.

Last year, the automaker recruited 450 academics. The increase in the number of employees they are hiring shows the company responding to the need for engineers. Graduates of electrical engineering, mechatronics, mechanical engineering, and automotive technology are what the company is looking for. The automaker is focusing on the employment of young engineers to develop highly-efficient diesel engines as well as alternative powertrains.

Source:  Amazines.com

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