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VW, German Society For Nature Conservation NABU Join Frankfurt Auto Show

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VW, German Society For Nature Conservation NABU Join Frankfurt Auto Show

Anthony Fontanelle
September 18, 2007

Volkswagen AG and the German Society for Nature Conservation NABU joined up for the first time at the International Auto Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. This is an effort to protect both the climate and the environment.

This year’s Frankfurt Auto Show, the world’s largest, is putting emphasis on the protection of the environment due to the alarming global warming issues. Moreover, it is only coherent to present the long-standing successful partnership between Europe’s biggest auto manufacturer and Germany’s largest environmental organization to a public interested in vehicles and the environment.

“Protecting the environment has become a global challenge. Wherever we look - design, climate technology or packaging, sensor technology and architecture, material development, micro- and nano-technology – researchers and developers take their lead from nature, just as we do in the automotive industry. In this sense, biodiversity also has an economic value. That is one reason why our cooperation with NABU is so important for Volkswagen,” said Stephan Grühsem, the Head of Group Communications, commenting on the automaker’s commitment.

The Wolfsburg, Germany-based automaker and NABU were already organizing free fuel saving training sessions throughout their territory. This is done well before the present climate protection debate got underway. During sessions, a team of professional trainers teach driving license holders how to drive their vehicles the modern and efficient way. It is possible to save up to 25 percent fuel without slowing down drive times, good news for the climate and the household budget, Auto Racing Daily reported. Furthermore, the mobility dialog discussion platform has become a firm feature of the political events calendar.

“Not all that glitters at auto shows is worth its weight in environmental gold, but we believe that Volkswagen’s high-efficiency models are a big step in the right direction,” Miller said. “They demonstrate that climate-friendly cars can be found in almost every vehicle class without considerable additional cost."

For quite a while now, it is not only wolves that are crossing borders to re-migrate to Germany – the NABU “Willkommen Wolf!” information campaign is also drawing global awareness. “Our aim is to rectify the stereotype image of the big bad wolf, and to show that wolves and humans can coexist peacefully. Volkswagen has given valuable support to this information initiative,” said Leif Miller, NABU director.

The BlueMotion series, which now includes nine models, is one focus of Volkswagen’s presence at the Frankfurt Auto Show. The Polo BlueMotion with carbon dioxide emissions of a mere 99 grams per kilometer introduced the series a year ago.

The Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion is Europe's most economical five-seat product line that offers the equivalent of 60 miles per gallon. The key to its fuel efficiency is the optimization of an already economical package. Also, incorporation of longer ratio gears in the standard five-speed manual transmission, lower rolling resistance 165/70 R14 tires, and application-specific light weight alloy wheels, all contribute to an enhanced mileage.

The lightweight body structure has improved aerodynamics at the same time boost its efficiency. The vehicle also uses refined auto parts like the Volkswagen tie rod end, radiator, filter, engine, brakes, and more. The Polo BlueMotion provides consumers the "fun to drive" element inherent in the DNA of Volkswagen without compromising safety and functionality.

The Polo BlueMotion is the first model to be introduced under the automaker’s BlueMotion sustainability initiative aimed at producing low-emissions and fuel efficient vehicles at reasonable prices.

Source:  Amazines.com

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