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Suspension Bushings Need Regular Inspection

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Suspension Bushings Need Regular Inspection

Anthony Fontanelle
January 16, 2008

The suspension system of a vehicle must be thoroughly examined at least once a year to detect right away if there is any damaged suspension part. Worn suspension components can certainly affect the performance of a vehicle. If these parts continue to malfunction for a long time, managing the suspension system becomes difficult for a vehicle owner. Thus, a regular inspection of the suspension system is advisable.

Among the suspension components that need to be regularly monitored are the suspension bushings. The main task of suspension bushings is to defend the vehicle body and chassis from all sorts of external pressure and friction. Thus, these components prevent damage to other auto parts that are costly and difficult to replace. In addition, suspension bushings promote a comfortable ride as they absorb vibration that can otherwise be transferred to the vehicle interior or the passengers. Suspension bushings, which appear like bolts, also enable the vehicle body to rest on the chassis.

Suspension bushings are typically made of polyurethane, rubber, aluminum, or steel. Of all these materials, polyurethane is the most practical to use since it is the most flexible. A suspension bushing made from polyurethane material can considerably trim down shock energy. Suspension bushings of vehicles these days have significantly improved. Those used in the past were generally made of rubber. The rubber material proved to be weak as old suspension bushings easily gave in to wear and tear. Thus, to enhance the efficiency of these auto components, car manufacturers thought of equipping the vehicles they generate with suspension bushings made from materials stronger than rubber such as steel and aluminum.

Even if suspension bushings nowadays are made of tough materials, these auto components eventually wear out. If the annual check-up shows that the suspension bushings are already damaged, a replacement is inevitable. With replacement suspension bushings, the proper handling and control features of an automobile can be restored.

Source:  Amazines.com

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