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The Dodge Nitro Cold Air Intake and an Improved Engine Output

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The Dodge Nitro Cold Air Intake and an Improved Engine Output

Anthony Fontanelle
January 22, 2008

The Dodge Nitro is one of the latest Chrysler-produced sport utility vehicles in the market. This compact American automobile takes pride in its quality-made auto parts that make driving both on and off road hassle-free. Among the SUV components that make this machine reliable is the Dodge Nitro cold air intake.

Primarily working for the engine, the Dodge Nitro cold air intake is made with a cone-shaped filter and tubes. This auto part is found inside the engine and is strategically placed near the grills of this SUV. In this position, the intake manages to scoop in a lot of cool air and bring it in the engine system. Once this air, which is filled with oxygen, reaches the engine block, it then mixes with the warm fuel. This combination leads to a good internal engine combustion that translates to the production of more horsepower. Aside from that, the right mixture also allows the power plant to burn the fuel more efficiently, thus nothing is left unburned. With that, fuel economy vastly improves, and that leads to lower noxious emission and to fewer trips to the gas stations.

Aside from functioning as an engine booster, the Dodge Nitro cold air intake is also behind the smooth sound of this SUV. A power plant that is not in good condition usually creates a lot of noise. What the intake does is to help lessen the rumbling or sometimes knocking sound from the engine block by aiding it to get the right cold air and warm fuel mixture. Thus, this automobile not only generates more power but also produces minimal engine noise.

This SUV from Chrysler is just among the latest models of the company available in the United States. It still has years to further establish its model in the industry. Armed with the precision-engineered Dodge Nitro cold air intake, which is already considered as a staple in the system, this vehicle is already on its way to efficiently traverse even more on and off roads in the years to come.

Source:  Amazines.com

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