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Kia Sephia Fender: Delivering Style and Performance

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Kia Sephia Fender: Delivering Style and Performance

Anthony Fontanelle
January 28, 2008

When the Korean automaker Kia introduced the first Sephia in the US in 1994, the brand’s main focus was on creating an economical option for the American market. With the combination of a low base price, high fuel economy, and commendable handling, the Kia Sephia entered the car scene as an ideal product for city commuters. However, its practicality has been unable to escape certain negative observations and feedbacks. Indeed, some have criticized the Sephia’s noise at high speed, its easily wounded plastic interior, not to mention its frail exterior that surprisingly wears out fast.

As answer to these grumblings, Kia gradually but efficiently overhauled and improved the Sephia model. In doing this, Kia partnered with the best technological firms. Those included Lotus Engineering of England and Getrag of Germany. Bosch was in charge of the engine and interior enhancements while Kia's American studio in Irvine, California did the exterior design. The end result is a new, stylish and highly improved Kia Sephia.

A concrete improvement is noticeable in the Kia Sephia fender. A cleverly crafted metal sheet that runs from the bumper and over the wheels, fenders extend toward the edge of the vehicle doors. Usually misconstrued as mere aesthetic part of the car exterior, the Kia Sephia fender actually serves three crucial functions relative to the performance and protection of the Sephia model. First, the sleek curves of the Kia Sephia fender reduces wind drag for the vehicle. Thus, the car has better aerodynamic quality and its speed is enhanced. Second, the fender acts as an initial shock absorber in the event of unfortunate road accidents and parking mishaps. Drivers will be especially grateful for having them in cases of minor collisions. Lastly, the fenders protect the car body by deflecting rock fragments, pebbles, oil, murky water, and mud. These elements are quite detrimental to the overall health of the car as they can cause scratches and dents. They can also damage some components as they accelerate corrosion. Indeed, Kia has worked exceptionally hard in designing its cars with quality fenders, ensuring that all the functions of the general fender can be delivered and even exceeded by the Kia Sephia fender.

Source:  Amazines.com

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