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Chevy Volt Could Come With High Price Tag

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Chevy Volt Could Come With High Price Tag

Anthony Fontanelle
February 14, 2008

Who does not know what the Chevrolet Volt is? Those who know the Volt are sure quite connected to the auto industry. And those who are quite unfamiliar with the vehicle can be considered to be one of those who know cars as only cars.

For everyone’s knowledge, a recent statement from General Motors as published by the Wired Blog Network had disclosed that the electric Chevrolet Volt may be made available soon however the vehicle would be coming with a price tag that is around $5000 more than what the company had first estimated that the vehicle would cost. This means that the previous estimate of around $30,000 would rise to $35,000. GM did continue to share that by the end of the year 2010, the Chevrolet Volt just might already be available for ownership at their various dealerships.

Why did the prices go up? GM did explain that through the production process, their engineers have met various types of problems when it came to the accessories of the vehicles. The maker of Chevrolet Venture parts did state that “redundant systems” which proved to be expensive made the costs go higher.

These “redundant systems” had to used so as to be able to put in the vehicle’s accessories like an audio system and a pair of windshield wipers and they had to make sure that the vehicle’s batteries would not drain that easily because those accessories also had to make use of power. Dee Allen is a spokesperson for GM and through the Wired Blog Network had expressed, “You really start taking away from the range when you're using 10-speaker audio systems, wipers. These systems need to be redone, and they are being redone.”

Allen did continue to disclose, “It's starting to look like it's going to be closer to $35,000. We had set a target of $30,000, but if it comes in closer to $35,000 and it means meeting the 2010 deadline, that's the direction we're going to go.”

Results from present tests done with the Chevrolet Volt had the company clocking in 40 miles of distance traveled for the lithium-ion batteries that the vehicle is using. However, 40 miles is just the maximum for the batteries. Add in a 1.0L engine for the vehicle’s generator and you get a longer distance.

Source:  Amazines.com

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