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Lexus Opens Showroom In Oman

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Lexus Opens Showroom In Oman

Anthony Fontanelle
March 17, 2008

Lexus, a brand of Toyota Motor Corp. recently inaugurated a luxury showroom in Muscat, Oman. Having His Highness Sayyid Haitham bin Tariq Al Said, minister of heritage and culture, and other well-known names in Oman, the grand facility was inaugurated with great fanfare.

Akio Toyoda, executive vice-president, accompanied by a senior delegation from Toyota, flew in specially to grace the inauguration. The event certainly drew in the cream-of-the-crop. To complete the illustrious guest list, ambassadors, high-ranking government officials, and leading personalities participated in the said milestone event.

Befitting the illustrious names in the territory is the futuristic showroom of Toyota’s luxury brand. The opening took place outside the showroom with grandstand seating for about 500 and the facility as a backdrop.

Running the full length of the showroom is eight meter high windows which spectators to witness the captivating luxurious cars epitomizing the quality of Lexus parts. Late afternoon, a huge section of the windows, which were lined with 72 Martin LC2140 LED panels, came to life. The result was breathtaking.

XL was working for Live Communications, a leading production company. The Martin LC40, meanwhile, was chosen primarily because of its light mass and transparent properties, allowing spectators to witness the showroom while it is off, then offer gigantic video canvass when in operation.

The event was project managed for XL by Tim Riley. “I had been looking at several other LED products, but when I saw the LC2140 at PLASA I was sold. It is very transparent when the intensity is down, and has a large coverage. Two square meters is great. In the video industry people are really looking for this. On top of the large coverage area, the units are quite light which makes shipping cheaper, which it in fact was,” narrated Riley.

Through the LED panels, Riley utilized the Catalyst for playback of video and images. “In terms of features, the brightness control of the LC units is really good and can be controlled simply with power. 100 percent gives you full intensity and a solid background, or you can just turn it down and it is clear,” he told etnow.com.

Inside the facility, the guests marveled at the mammoth investments made for the benefit of Lexus customers in Oman, according to Autospies. “It is such a different experience that one can easily forget one is inside an automotive showroom,” noted one guest.

Source:  Amazines.com

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