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Are You and Your Texas Car Sufficiently Insured?

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Are You and Your Texas Car Sufficiently Insured?

Casey Hunt
November 1, 2009

Casey Hunt

It's easy to forget about some stuff until it happens to you. Don't find yourself at the mercy of the courts where car insurance is concerned.

A woman and her Mom were in her car when she suddenly experienced a seizure come on out of the blue. She was driving, and in the passenger seat was her much-older mother. She ended up running a stop sign and collided head-on into a car coming the other direction.

The girl's Mom ended up suffering some minor bumps and slight bruising. The daughter ended up suffering much more. She ended up with a broken pelvis, and had to be airlifted to the hospital. Even worse, she had let her insurance lapse. This was over twenty years ago and times have changed and so have the laws. She was lucky. The other peoples insurance paid for their hospitalization then went on to pursue collecting money for the damages to the car and hospital bills. It was a substantial deal back then, but if you could even be greater now.

In the event of an accident, the last thing you'll want on your mind is 'do I have the right insurance coverage and is it going to pay for everything?' Having to pay for damage to another person's vehicle or, more seriously, doctors' bills associated with an accident are nothing compared to what you'll pay your insurance company in monthly insurance premium. It's important to know that the car insurance you do carry is the right car insurance and carries the state's minimum insurance coverage requirements where car insurance is concerned. Do you have the right coverage?

These days you do not want to be without the minimum amount of insurance, the state you reside in, says you need in order to operate a motor vehicle on a public highway. If caught, you run the risk of getting one or more tickets and possibly much more. If you found yourself involved in an accident like the one above, the potential fines and charges may be the least of your worries because you could lose your license or face jail time. The punishments vary from state to state but driving without proper insurance is punishable in every state. Many states, such as the state of Texas, are moving even more forward by using real time to electronically monitor whether or not a vehicle has proper insurance. Do not be one of those caught in the act of driving without it. Search for a policy which can do more than just protect you.

I find myself researching everything car insurance-related in the great State of Texas. I work at Spartan Insurance ( http://www.spartaninsurance.com/ ) and pride myself on knowing what's right for our Texan drivers. We offer free, no-hassle rate quotes.

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