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Top Ways to Get a Car Insurance Quote Online

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Top Ways to Get a Car Insurance Quote Online

Jackie Chan
November 5, 2009

Jackie Chan

Are you wondering how to get auto insurance at a reasonable rate and get it online? Here are a few ways to do that.

The first thing you must decide is exactly what coverage you need to go with. Do you owe someone on the vehicle thus requiring full coverage? If you do then you need to compare the difference in the premium with a $100 collision deductible versus a $500 collision deductible. Compare what the premium would be with the lowest liability limits your state allows to the premium with a standard $50,000/$100,000 liability limit or even $100,000/$300,000. Most of the time you will find there is not a great difference in the premium of the liability limits.

Once you have determined the type of coverage and the deductibles, you then want to begin doing some homework on different companies online. Be sure to research any company you may be interested in using for your insurance needs. Check with the BBB to ensure there are no claims against them. Check to find out how long the company has been in business and check with the BBB or read online reviews. What type of rate does it have on cancellations? A good question to ask is whether or not the insurance company has an accident forgiveness clause; this typically states that they will not raise your rates or terminate your policy after your first accident?

After you have done your due diligence, begin the quote process. It is probably a good idea to find a sight that will compare several companies at once for you. But this is not necessary. You can simply go on each company's website and submit the information for them to give you a quote. It's best to compare as many as five insurance companies' rates.

When you are getting a quote you must always make absolutely certain that you are getting a quote on the very same insurance coverage from each company. Once you get a quote the company should give you a copy of what would be included on your policy. If one company has a lower premium but also has lower liability limits, you may want to consider the difference before automatically going with the lower premium. If two companies have the same premiums but one has a lower deductible on collision, you definitely want to go with the one with the lower deductible.

Since you will not be interefacing directly with an insurance agent, be sure to print a copy of your policy, proof of insurance, and any other important documents. It is also important when you get auto insurance to make sure the company either faxes or mails you something to sign.

One of the most all time important parts of when you get auto insurance with an online company is to ask them how they handles claims that are turned it. Will they send out a claims representative or just how will the take care of the claim.

Thus, when you get auto insurance online you can save time and even money if you will do your homework first.

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