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Auto Insurance Quotes and Your Credit Score

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Auto Insurance Quotes and Your Credit Score

Jay Leo
November 7, 2009

Jay Leo

Choosing the Policy That is Best for Your Needs Your Credit History is a Factor on the Rates You Will Be Offered One of the greatest technological advantages today is the ability to go online and request multiple automotive insurance quotes from various lenders with only submitting your information once. These comparison websites offer you the chance to have insurance companies compete to get your business.

There are certain things you should know before doing this comparison.

-Choosing the right amount of insurance coverage will make sure that you get the right coverage for you at the right price. You will have the option of getting the lowest amount of coverage that your state requires but this leaves you open for a lot of financial and legal obligations down the road if an accident would occur and your insurance coverage is not enough to cover the damages and hospital bills.

-Your personal driving history will have a major impact on what your premium will be. You must also factor in your credit history and details about your vehicle. A vehicle that has lower mileage and a lower market value with a lot of safety devices will give you a more reasonable policy premium that a more expensive, less safe vehicle.

-Your age will be a factor in what you will pay. A person that is under the age of 25 is more likely to pay higher rates than an older person. This is based upon statistics that show that most accidents involve younger persons.

-Choosing a insurance carrier strictly based upon price is not recommended. You should also check their record for service, claim completion, reliability, and their stability financially.

-After you have chosen a carrier that fits your specific needs, it is a good idea to ask them if they have any other types of discounts that you may be qualified to receive.

Some offer discounts for students with good grades, a good credit history, low mileage driven, and so on. If you seem to believe that your premium that you are being offered is still too high and out of your range, doing a comparison with other companies is a smart move.

Normally driving safely and having no tickets or accidents on your history will assure that you receive the lowest,most affordable auto insurance rates that can be offered to you.

Smart consumers are aware of all criteria utilized for obtaining auto insurance quotes.

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