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The Advantages of Car Servicing

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The Advantages of Car Servicing

Andy Jones
November 12, 2009

Andy Jones

Running a car can be quite an expense, especially these days. We pay for road tax, MOTs, repairs, car servicing, parking, petrol, and car insurance tax and premiums, it's never-ending and a given.

Whether you have a BMW, VW, Audi, Mini Cooper, Mercedes or a commercial vehicle, you can minimise costs by ensuring you don't pay through the nose: making sure that you have a regular car service.

Car manufacturers recommend very clearly at what time in a car's life you will need to have a service, and provide a comprehensive service book that needs to be kept up-to-date, especially if you are planning to sell on your car. When it come to trading in or selling your vehicle, it will have had a decent programme of maintenance and will possibly sell for a higher price, so investment in car servicing is a good investment.

Also, if you have a warranty, then you will require regular servicing to adhere to the terms and conditions of the warranty.

Car servicing also ensures that your car is maintained to the highest standard, and performs at its optimum level, and that your car will run as smoothly, safely, efficiently and reliably as possible for a very long time. And when your car is performing at its best, you will enjoy driving the car even more and get a great deal of satisfaction from it.

With cars' CO2 emissions becoming increasingly a factor in motoring life, especially for new higher car tax bands, having a regular car service can help fuel consumption be at its cleanest and CO2 emissions at its lowest.

There is nothing worse than an unreliable car, we have all had the odd occasion when the car has broken down at the roadside, not started in the morning, or perhaps has been in and out of a garage more times than it has been running on the road. This can apply to Audis, as well as BMWs and Volkswagens. Investing in regular servicing insures that possible problems with the vehicle are preempted, particularly if there is a mechanical problem that is not attended to that may result in more expense later on. Often a service may seem like a goodd deal of money, particularly with all the other motoring costs. But in the long-term regular car servicing at a reputable and trusted garage can save you a lot of trouble, time and money to keep your car on the road and performing at its best.

Andy writes for MotorAid, who perform Audi repairs in Essex. Visit today: http://www.motoraiduk.com

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