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Some Else's Hybrid Your New SUV

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Some Else's Hybrid Your New SUV

Terry Z. Voster
November 14, 2009

Terry S Vostor

Many auto consumers shy away from the purchase or lease of an late model or new S.U.V. sport utility vehicle purchase . Why or why not go for it. It may well be the wisest purchase that any auto consumer can consider. Think seriously of adding an S.U.V. to your purchasing consideration list of potential vehicles while on the road to your local dealership

People often look at gasoline prices, the cost per gallon or liter and nothing else when it comes to determining which vehicle or vehicles to consider for purchase, lease or financing. Not so and not only is it the cost of fuel. It is not only a mater of m.p.g. and nothing else. It's the sum total of your costs that counts. Gas is really only one small component of the whole mix and equation. . For a person with driving patterns and large distances to cover - as an example someone who commutes long distances every day - or workday then the cost of gasoline and miles per gallon (m.p.g.) Figures, statistics and calculations are of the most major concern. It may be a simple case of you or your wife being misinformed as to current automotive market sales and purchase conditions? You will thus be in the driver's not passenger seats. Most dealers and private auto sales on Craigslist or Kijiji will be in a position to offer you more than substantial savings on trucks and S.U.V.'s that they have to offer for sale. You are in the best position as an automotive consumer out on the prowl to dicker well.U.V. You are in the driver's seat for the best deal that you could ever negotiate - when it comes to your next vehicle purchase , finance or lease. Fuel costs are only small if not even the least substantial component of most auto owner's overall costs and transportation monthly or yearly driving ownership costs budgeting - be it gasoline or diesel fuel in the case of high model end diesel trucks that matters.

A more "expensive" upscale "luxury" model of the same automotive manufacturer line - be it G.M., Ford , Toyota or whatever will utilize as it components and parts higher quality and more substantive than those in the lower end of the brand range. Cheap cars and trucks often and usually do use less heavy duty and less well wearing parts and components. A higher grade more expensive pair of tires will last many more kms or miles on the road, when fitted to the same vehicle, than a more basic set. A much more durable paint job or interior upholstery fabric or fabrics may live through ordeals of punishment that would quickly ruin the appearance and presentation of the lesser end quality form. A higher end vehicle may come with standard upgrades to its line - such as rust proofing to resist Vancouver ocean salt air, or an integral built in eclectic block heater to start the vehicle easily and less harshly in the cold Fort McMurray northern Alberta Canadian wintertime. Add to that less wear and tear during cold January winter motor startups and you have a car, truck or automotive product that will start easier, run more smoothly, last longer between repairs and command a better trade in at the time of the next vehicle purchase or replacement.

It did not take the auto makers long to figure out - after they mulled over the early success and cachet of the Chrysler Jeep models on the North American marketplace , take an old , long ago paid for truck chassis , load it up with options and accessories. A model and auto market niche transformation. Its now longer a "truck", but rather an S.U.V. , a "Sports Utility Vehicle". Now that re-badged former Ford f-100 truck or Dodge Ram oversize , overweight vehicle - now commands a far greater market segment , as well as better pricing levels to consumers ( for the auto makers and dealers) , than simply to the old tried and true markets of established truck buyers and the farming communities. While that be true consumers out to make a purchase should consider that trucks by their vary nature afford more durability if not substance than ordinary and standard cars. Go into any body collision shop. It does not take a genius to notice that most cars and their components are downright flimsy and unsubstantial in makeup and nature , never mind durability in real life driving conditions in North America. Ask most auto insurance adjusters and underwriters - most cars are made pretty similar - it does not take much what so ever to damage them substantially. Not so with the extreme duty , higher quality truck like models and units produced by most auto manufacturers and their factories - be it Toyota , GMC , Ford f-100 or Dodge Ram truck and similar vein SUV product lines. Inspect the front end of any vehicle that has been involved in a front end collision. You will be absolutely startled if not amazed to see how they cram in everything and everything in such a small space - just waiting for the small bump - for the big ticket item body shop repair bill. Its not like in the old days of even the 1970's and 1980's when cars still were composed mainly of metal. Heavy but durable, able to take a hit. What you seem to get when you buy transportation now - especially with the most economical and mileage thrifty vehicles is one giant glob of brittle plastic , nicely painted and presented. It's pretty flimsy under there. Not so with trucks hence trucks loaded with options - SUVs.

Trucks are made for work and even punishment. The parts utilized in these models are simply put - much much higher quality and meant to be more durable and rugged than ordinary standard "car" parts. Ask your local trusted mechanic or aftermarket parts expert and they will tell inform you that for the most part the parts and components built in and used in these higher end motoring products are of higher quality , better built and will serve your motoring needs better, last longer and be more economical in the final analysis as you motor down the highways and byways of life. Chilton manuals former CEO M.L. Labovitch corroborates and substantiates facts and arguments fully. That luxury SUV discounted on your dealer's lot can be said to be a more high quality truck , than almost all cars , yet is simply that truck model loaded with tons of convenient options and upgrades for you and your families driving pleasure as well as long trouble free driving career and ownership. It's what the automobile costs you in sum total less its residual value that matters in the end not only the cost of gas. Your purchase price of that S.U.V. The initial vehicle pricing loss, hit or markdown taken by SUV owners dumping their vehicles onto the market , all at once , is to your great gain, benefit and benefits to both your driving pleasure , convenience and family financial budget. It can be argued that the S.U.V. any vehicle you drive off the lot, will depreciate on the spot. Today in 2009 / 10 that depreciation has already been afforded by the previous owner or perhaps the dealer themselves , in the case of new products or even the auto maker , wanting to clear out old and perhaps stale dated product to make room for the new 2010 models streaming off the factory floor. True - yet a substantial discount and depreciation mark down has been awarded to you. In addition the vehicle has already been marked down substantially. How much lower in price can it go?

There is no shortage of these SUV's on the market and marketplace. Checkout the ads in your local newspaper or online on Craiglist or eBay. S.U.V. owners seem to be hanging around the labor temple too much , and reading far too many stories in the Edmonton Sun newspaper as well C.N.N. about the high cost of diesel fuel and gasoline and working out the highly improbable possibilities of 10 $ dollar a gallon projected cost of gasoline at the pumps projected for upcoming years and seasons- that is according to Alberta oil industry analysts. This all may be true - yet what are they left with - less cash at sale or trade in, an econo-box variety of auto, or perhaps even the foolish decision of an underpowered engine or hybrid vehicle. Come next summer they are going to have a comundrum when it comes to towing their boats and motors up the step inclines of those rocky mountain highways - be it to Banff or the sea to sky highway to Squamish

If you want to summarize it in 2009 / 2010 a luxury S.U.V. Summarized its simply a best case scenario of the best values in the whole auto industry and car industry sales and resale market. Simple as pie. If you do not drive a ton of miles every year - and even if you do a fair amount of those miles on highways and freeways then an S.U.V. should be high on your list of new or used vehicles to consider for your purchase. Think of that as you traverse your neighborhood auto dealer's lot, or scan the ads in your local Craiglist online, auto trader or community local newspaper.

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